Do you use the night mode of your electronic devices?

So, I’ve discovered that my phone has a night mode which makes it less hurtful for my eyes to look onto the screen at night. It basically just makes my screen more orange and less blue/white :eyes::eyes:

So does your phone/computer have the same option too?
And if yes, do you use it? :eyes::sparkles:


I turned it on on my phone one time to help me sleep (shout out to insomnia), and now the screen looks too blue without it :thinking:

Yes I use night mode on all my devices :sunglasses::new_moon_with_face:

I do, I have it set from 10 pm to 7 am and I honestly don’t see the difference during the day :sweat_smile: I think I just got used to it

Isn’t the night mode the thing that turns your screen more yellowish or something :thinking:

Idk my phone is just on dark mode so I don’t see the need for any more modes

Yes because it hurts my eyes less plus it also makes me sleepier.

Not my phone because its old sm- but my father’s and yess i prefer to use dark mode on everything more than light one :star_struck:

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