Do you use your RP characters outside of RPing?

Honestly, yes, but it’s only usually out of FTD and sometimes it’s also like vice versa. My characters in FTD has a lot of story going on that I think would be nice to play out in a separate book, and you know we love to tell stories xD in terms of the vice versa, I do it if I think they’re fit to become a character in a roleplay! in fact, an unborn child of mine was inspired by another character of mine.

I also love to inspire a character from an RP especially if I love love their personality or backstory.

@RPers, what about you?

  • Do you also use characters outside of RPing for an RP?
  • If yes, which characters are these?

I have been drawing a lot of characters recently that I would love tp put in an rp some day, but I don’t know which one and what for. I might plan to make an rp where I’ll ask if the artists like to collaborate in making characters for those who aren’t that skilled in drawing.



Omg they look so rad

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thanks, I’m trying to practice character design. if only I could make my own poses and everything but I’m terrible at perspective and propositions :sweat:

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Lol me too.
Suck at anatomy.

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But making an rp, that’s fully your original character, that’s next level joy for me haha

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Uh… nah, not really. I’m in the process of turning a really old RP into a story, does that count? Also, the prompt threads I’m turning into a serious of short stories.