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Do you watch anime with your parents?

I offered for my mom to watch an episode of Blue Exorcist with me, but she didn’t have time. Also, it happened to be a…slightly awkward scene, so that probably made things worse. :joy: @AnimeNerds, do you watch anime with your parents?

I been trying to convince my mom to try some. but I have not been able to.

I’ve watched Angels of Death with my mother.

nope. my parents dont have time and they aren’t really interested in it. Tried and made my mom see the first episode of spy x family though

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That’s on my list. The clips I’ve seen of Anya are precious.

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Yesss. they are all so cute and being a fan of comedy i just love their antics

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Gotta get through AoT first.

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I watched a couple episodes of Seven Deadly Sins with my mom. She compared Elizabeth’s boobs to stress balls. I died.