Do you watch the news?

I tend not to watch the news, since it’s normally not something I’m interested in. I do think it’s important to stay informed on current events, but I’m really bad at doing it myself.

  • Do you watch the news?
  • Do you have a favorite news channel?
  • What’s your favorite way to stay up to date on things?

I’m not interested in it, and the news is bad for my mental health anyways so I stay away from it


I watch news only when it’s important other than that no

When it’s important or if I’m bored af

Not really no

Nope, not interested in that

I don’t really watch the news only if there are that 10-minute news on TV between two TV shows that I want to watch, but I don’t really pay attention :sweat_smile:

@ScreenSloths do you watch the news?

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I try not to.

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I watch a bit when it’s on at work. But usually I don’t. Since my job is early hours, I’m up earlier. So I watch the 330-4am news and the news throughout the day when at work. Then I watch something else.

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