Do you write multiple Episode stories at the same time?

I’m working on two Episode stories currently, so if I get bored or lose motivation with one of them, I can just work on the other one :eyes:

What about you, @Episodians? Do you work on multiple Episode stories at the same time? :thinking:


I don’t even write Episode stories :grinning:

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I have done but never finished/published them all.

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Yep :joy:
So many and only one out of 6 or 7 have enough chapters to publish :ok_hand:

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I used to have one main story and then another I’d write if I was feeling out of inspiration for the main one. Occasionally, if a competition stirred my imagination, I’d stop to write something here and there. Usually, I wouldn’t finish it by the end of the contest, though xD


I used to, but I’m trying not to do that anymore cuz it causes burnout

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