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Does health affect beauty?

People often say this is true but I don’t really know! Everyone says you’ll look better if you’re healthy which, maybe? But it depends what you’re saying is healthy.


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Yes! It depends tho!

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Health issues can often affect physical appearance but the concept of beauty is so subjective and, I think it varies from person to person, especially because everyone’s definition of healthy is different. If anything, I feel like health can have an effect on how people perceive their own beauty because illness can make you feel pretty bad and if you don’t feel good then you might think you don’t look good.

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Health means beauty - and I agree with it mostly, but not completely. Clean skin, shiny hair and so on is beautiful. But we cannot say that people with illnesses are not beautiful

You feel more beautiful when you are healthy, so to you are more beautiful, even if you can’t see it

If you sleep too late