Does school stress you?

Self-explanatory title, does school stress you? The simple answer for me is yes, very much so. What about you?


Kinda, yeah. If I have multiple things due on the same day, I freak out because I don’t know which to do first.

Yes, it definitely does.

Oh, definitely. It takes me forever to get assignments done and then as soon as I’m done with those assignments I already have many assignments due the next day.

Extremely :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

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Very, very much. I try to ignore the stress a lot too unfortunately, and I often don’t realize how stressed I am, which is not good.

Just before exams and assignments :laughing: And labs

Nope. Not at all, but mainly 'cause I’m no longer studying. HEHEHE

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Sooooo much. Sometimes math be making me cry :sob:

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Homeworks and assignments so yeah I HATE PRESENTATIONS TOO

No even though I know it should!

Oof, yes, a lot.