Does your school discuss or celebrate Christmas with it's students?

My uni has Christmas trees and had some events

My college also had Christmas trees and events

My high school did a Christmas dinner which I sang in for year 7 and 8 (funtimes)

My Primary school used to have Christmas parties!

@Students what about you guys?

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I mean no
They only talk about :sparkles: jewish holidays :sparkles: boring

I mean we have people of all different religions at our school so it’s mostly a “happy holidays” sort of deal.

yeah all the schools i went to have a sot of x-mas party

In primary school and high school, we had bigger and smaller celebrations and we discussed it a lot. Now, at uni, we don’t really celebrate it because the holidays start a few days before Christmas and nobody is in the mood at that time

@Students What’s it like at your school?

My elementary school never explicitly used the word Christmas but we usually had a ‘holiday colours’ spirit day during the last week before winter break and classes usually had a party on the last day of school. They never actually discussed the holiday though.

My high school would actually wish the students celebrating a Merry Christmas on the last day of school before the break but that was as far as they went

My uni didn’t really do anything but classes were long over by then so that’s understandable. Someone decorated my res hallway though and my roommate decorated our room
(I left the day classes ended so I wasn’t around for much of that)