Do's and Don'ts - Story Promotion

Hey guys! I don’t know if this thread already exists and if it does I couldn’t find it but here we go :sunglasses:

I’ll give my own tips here but obviously you guys can give your own too!


  • Politely ask your friends to read/share your story - Friends support each other and I’m sure they’d help, the important thing is to not force them into it.

  • Post it on all social media with hashtags - Social media is probably the fastest way to share something but people will only see it if you use tags and the algorithm likes you, research social media and how you can optimise this.

  • Make a thread on this forum and the forum of the platform you wrote it on if it has one - Writing communities are a great place to get feedback and reads, so make a thread here :blush:

  • Get a review - Having your story reviewed for a website is a great method of promotion and another good way to get feedback, @RainbowCat has a review service here called Cat’s Reviews so check that out!

  • Take part in a reliable read for read - The key word here is “reliable” don’t take part in one if the other person is known for not reading the other person’s story

  • Enter writing competitions - If you write stories for competitions, this gets your name out there and you can gain attention for your non-competition writing.


  • Create a mass PM or PM many strangers to read your story - It’s just not a good idea, it may get some reads from nice people who open the DM and want to give you a chance but it can also be a little intrusive. We made a thread on it here and as you can see, it puts people off.

  • Harass your friends into reading your story - I know it can be irritating when you just really want some reads and you feel like your friends don’t care about something that means a lot to you but the harsh reality is that things that mean a lot to you don’t always mean a lot to other people and while support from friends is nice it should never be the only reason you’re doing something. So tell them about your story, ask them to read it, but try not to get mad if they don’t or they probably never will.

  • Become impatient and delete your story - Unless your story has genuine issues you need to fix, don’t delete it. Reads aren’t easy to come by if you don’t know where to look but hopefully this will help you.

  • Spam comment sections or tag multiple people all the time in promotional posts - All this will result in is a block or a mute

@Writers you guys? :eyes:


But- but I thought that was one of the Do’s!

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*Politely harass your friends :sunglasses:


Is Blackmailing a ‘Don’t’ too?


It’s illegal so there’s an inherent “don’t” :joy:


Oh… you’re no fun, Skelly!


The first two don’t say I completely agree with

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It’s just general advice

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Like, literally anybody who has gained success with their stories, advise people to post it on all social media and also, there’s nothing wrong with asking your friends politely to read your story, as long as you don’t hound them about it. So I’m curious about the issue there :thinking:

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