-Edited Character Sheets/ edited Pfps for fun-

Hello it’s me! :two_hearts:

Since I don’t have to go to school, I have more free time.
I can make edited character sheets, covers and pfps. All I need is your character details, pose, outfit and theme. LL and ink.

Please don’t steal my work.
Don’t thread hop.
Don’t request if you are not going to use it.
Credit me in your bio by my forumname.

Character Sheets




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hi! if you’re still taking these can i request a character card? :heartbeat:

can the theme be bookish vintage? the character i have is limelight by the way. i want her to be sat down reading in read_sit_open_book_neutral_loop with any book prop you see fit. if the font you use for card to flow were to flow with the theme but yet remain legible so that others can read would be perfect! hope this isn’t too much to ask!

body details

body: gold 06, brows: round thick (black dark), hair: Afro (black dark) ,eyes: roundownturned wide(black dark), Nose round flared down turned , face round soft,lip: full round pouty ( rose medium nude gloss)


silk yellow headband, flat canvas sneakers cotton black white, spaghetti strap polka dot summer dress denim blue oxford


welcome to the forums by the way!

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hi thank you! :heartbeat:

Welcome to the forums ^^

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Request Accepted! And welcome to the forums!

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thank you!:heartbeat:

yay! and thank you! :heartbeat:

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Thankss :two_hearts:


Hi! Are you still making my character card? :heartbeat:

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Omg I‘m sorry, I totally forgot it. :frowning: But yes of course I‘m going to do it!!!

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It’s totally fine! Take your time! :heartbeat:

Hi! Any update on the character card?:pleading_face:

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