Eeva & Kaven’s Adventure RP

Eeva Koskinen and Kaven Driscoll are the “heroes” of the story and are hired to basically stop an impending war, not that they know this… yet. Eeva and Kaven are hired-adventurers, known only for the tasks they do and not for who they were before this chosen career path. They soon receive this “mission” or “quest” and undergo many challenges in order to complete it. Something is missing or was it stolen and they have to get it back in time before war breaks out. @unsungcheerio and @Littlefeets choose the path for Eeva and Kaven, as well as their weapons, clothing, and even how they interact and battle. Will they be successful or die trying?

Chid and Brooke’s characters’ FCs!

Additional info:

Skill, Stamina, Luck

You will give a score for each one, but they change constantly during the adventure. However, totals may never exceed your initial scores, except on rare occasions.

This score reflects how well you can fight and use a weapon. This is the only score that can stay relatively unaffected.

This score reflects your well-being, your determination and overall fitness. When a stamina score reaches zero, the result is death.

This score reflects how lucky you are. You can use luck at various times. In battle or in other situations, but be aware that you can be lucky or unlucky. If you are lucky, great, but if you are unlucky then the results can disastrous. When using luck in battles, you can use it to inflict a more serious wound on the creature you have wounded or to minimise the effects of a wound inflicted on you.

I will be making sure luck fair when you use it and be rolling dice to determine the outcome. If you have a higher luck score, the higher your chance to be lucky! Though each time you test your luck, you will subtract on point from your score.


You will often come across creatures on your travels. Some may be friendly and others may not. At times, you may be given the option of either being sneaky or to flee. Although, if not, or if you choose not to, you will battle the creature.

During a battle, you will be given the creature’s stamina and skill score. Depending on your attacks, movement, and other choices, will depend on the damage you cause and how much is caused to you. Getting damaged will make your stamina (and possibly skill) level to decrease, meaning you will be weaker in the battle unless you manage to restore it. You may have to fight more than one monster at a time, but you will be told how to deal with it when it happens.

If you decide to flee during a battle, then it should be noted that the creature automatically gets one wound on you.

Equipment & Potions

You will start with the bare minimum of equipment, but you can find or buy more during your travels. You are armed with two weapons of choice and your own choice of dress. You will have a backpack for your Provisions and any treasures you come across.

In addition, you may take one bottle of magic potion to help aid you in your quest. These can be taken at any time during the quest, except when engaged in battle. Each potion may only be used once.

Here are the choices:
A potion of skill - restores your skill points
A potion of strength - restores your stamina points
A potion of fortune - restores your luck points and adds one to your initial score.

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Eeva put the key into the lock and twisted it, pushing the door to the apartment open with her shoulder. Being Kaven wing-woman was always too much for her, and would prefer doing activities that didn’t evolve a lot of people. Letting her jacket fall to the floor, she kicked off her shoes and slumped backwards over the couch with a sigh. Waiting a few minutes for her muscles to relax a bit, she rolled onto her feet and headed for the fridge. Upon opening, she saw the post-it stuck to the bottle of orange juice. It read, “Eeva, you’ll be joining Kaven. 6am. Black Sedan. Pack.”

It wasn’t long after midnight, Eeva had long since left Kaven at the club. A red-head, clearly from a bottle, bumped into him with drunken flirtiness. “Hello handsome,” she said to him, biting her bottom lip suggestively. He didn’t need to say much, except flash her his confident smile, before her lips were on his. Kaven didn’t stop her, kissing her back and even running his hand up the small of her back. His hand stopped when he felt what seemed like a post-it note. He pulled it off her back and pulled his lips back from hers, to which she began to kiss his neck and he was able to read the note that said, “Kaven, you’ll be joining Eeva. 6am. Black Sedan. Pack.”

They would need to pack what they needed, making sure each backpack wasn’t too heavy on their back. They would carry their weapons, along with the clothing they were each going to wearing. But what goes inside his pack?

  • One change of clothes
  • Some kind of bottled drink
  • 5 items of food
  • Their potions
  • Something that can be used a blanket (a blanket is fine)
  • And two smaller items each of their choosing

Once Eeva and Kaven (and @unsungcheerio and @Littlefeets) choose what to put in their packs, they must go out to the waiting car.


Eeva never understood why Kaven insisted on dragging him out to these outings he had, especially since she knew that he didn’t need her to get a girl—that was something he could achieve very easily by himself. She was thinking that he wanted her to get out of their apartment and be social, despite her having told him that she didn’t need social outings like a regular person. She was comfortable to stay home most of the time, but every now and then she allowed herself to be wheedled out of her comfort zone. Last night was one of those nights, but she hadn’t stayed long at the pub before she left him and headed home, her social battery drained. She didn’t worry about Kaven; he’d find his way home safely.

Eeva was looking forward to having an evening to herself, maybe soak in a bubble bath and have some orange juice, her favourite juice to have, before tucking herself into bed for a nice rest. She headed to the fridge to beverage part of that fantasy and saw the post-it note on her juice. Her eyes widened and she glanced around herself, uneasy. How did that get there? She was certain it wasn’t there when she had left, she always remembered things like that. Still, the door had been locked when she arrived back, and a quick searching glance around the apartment told her that there were no signs of a break-in.

She searched through her things, but nothing appeared to be missing. What kind of robber breaks in and then robs nothing? This whole ordeal confused Eeva, but perhaps there was just an element to this that she simply couldn’t understand. She threw the paper away, a breath escaping her lips. She wouldn’t find any more answers just by staring at the words, so there was no point in trying to figure it out.

She decided to pack before heading to bed for some sleep since she wanted to be prepared for whatever awaited her tomorrow. Eeva grabbed her morning star and her throwing spear, placing them near her empty pack, which she grabbed and proceeded to fill with things around the house. Tomorrow, she would wear this outfit and so she packed this outfit to wear later on, setting the other aside to put on in the morning. She grabbed a light blanket she had stored in her room as well as the potion of strength she’d acquired and put it in her pack. Moving out of her room, Eeva headed into the kitchen with her bag. She grabbed three oranges—her favourite fruit, did you guess?—off the counter and put them in the bag. She grabbed a good two cups worth of dried beef from the cupboards along with some canned beans. Reaching up a little higher, she grabbed the unopened jar of peanut butter as well as a stack of crackers. Eeva collected all these food items and placed them in her pack.

Her water bottle she packed away too, though it wasn’t filled entirely with water. Eeva had tinted the liquid with the juice of an orange earlier that day, and since she hadn’t drank much water from the bottle that day, the orange flavour was still prominent enough to satisfy her.

Eeva headed back towards her bedroom, digging through the nightstand by her bed until she found the small vial she was looking for: liquid iodine. It had many uses that she thought would be useful for the trip, so she packed it away. As well, she packed a small wooden pocketknife, nothing fancy—only one function, unlike some of the cooler ones she’d seen, but still pretty useful in itself. It was the only item she had from her birth mother, and so it held sentimental value to her, even though she tried to deny any value besides a practical one. Having spent nearly her whole life in an orphanage, she clung to the sole gift she had from a parent. Ready for the day ahead, she put her bag aside and went to bed, falling asleep fairly quickly.

Eeva wasn’t sure what time Kaven came back to the apartment, as she had been asleep, but when she walked out of her room in the morning, fully dressed, she noticed that he had returned. She wasn’t much of a cook, but she made some boiled eggs for the two of them, coupled with some cooked bacon and apples—unsliced and unpeeled because she didn’t see the need to go through that extra effort. She presented the plate to him after he emerged from the bedroom, shrugging slightly. “Here, food,” she said as an explanation. “Strength for the journey.”

Eeva sat at the table for her breakfast, eating with purpose as she wanted to be punctual for this meeting. She would be spending a lot more time than she was already spending with Kaven for this adventure, but he was one of the few people whose constant presence she could tolerate, hence why they lived together. The guy was pretty dependable too, so Eeva was pretty sure that this next adventure would be nothing too difficult.

She gathered both their plates after they finished, rinsing them and putting them on the dish rack. Her head flicking in the direction of the door, she glanced back at him. “You ready?”

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