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Las Encinas, Spain’s top international private school, looks like the headquarters for a multinational conglomerate. All marble and glass, green lawns, glittering lake. It’s no wonder that a school like this is home to the one percent of the one percent. You know who I’m talking about. Children of the richest of the rich. Raffish blue bloods, if you asked me. Oh, and who am I? Well, Las Encinas, you’re in for a ride. After all, I’m not the only new addition to your elite club. Am I?

This roleplay is set in an idyllic small town surrounded by the mountains in Spain, a place home to an English-speaking community of expats. It centres around the lives of students at Las Encinas International: an exclusive private school, serving children of the world’s elite, which is forced to take in several working-class kids from El Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria San Esteban after an earthquake causes the roof of their school to collapse and the local council divides up the students.

However, the new students’ debut into Las Encinas will not be easy. And their arrival will not be welcomed by the upper class students of Las Encinas. To add onto this, the arrival of the San Esteban students coincides with the introduction of Gossip Girl, leading many of the Elites to believe one of the new students is behind this very real threat to ruin their reputations.

Tensions arise and conflict ensues.

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When packing for this trip, she made sure to take basically everything she owned - which left her bag only half-full - because Mariana didn’t trust the idea of leaving everything in the relatively unsafe place she lived, locking the doors didn’t stop people from breaking a window and getting in. If even the smallest thing was stolen it would make a huge and negative impact on her. Despite knowing how much effort most of the Las Encinas students (or even, the San Esteban students), Mariana dressed very simply with her hair back up in a ponytail.

On the coach, Mariana sat near the back next to one of her few allies, Celia Montero. Even though they are friends, there weren’t many exchanges between the two, aside from a few eye-rolls to each other at the shallow conversations going on around them. It was bad enough that she had to attend the new school with the privileged and insufferable upper class, now she had to spend the whole weekend ignoring and being infuriated by them.

Everyone made their way to the side of the coach to collect as everyone - and the people they convinced to do it for them - picked up their extortionately sized suitcases, some unnecessarily having their initials on them. Instead, Mariana stood aside, already having her belongings. While people went to start exploring their home for the weekend, comparing it to their usual extravagant holiday locations, Mariana stayed at the coach. From the corner of her eye, she could see someone she recognised by themselves, and because of the recent anonymous website posted, she didn’t waste a moment of hesitation to corner him.

“Did you tell anyone? Ever?” Was all she asked Leon Abrantes, as it was the only thing she was interested in knowing from him. She had figured it was unnecessary to give context for what she was asking about, as there was only one thing she could be referring to. As well as it being the first time they had exchanged more than a glance down the hallway since that night, it was also one of the first times Mariana had willingly spoken to him. When she asked, she showed no expression on her face and she knew she probably wouldn’t be able to trust even the answer she wanted from him.




Celia Monero

She had mixed feelings about the trip, just like she had mixed feeling about her new school. Having preppy, entitled kids around her didn’t bother her, she never lets anything get to her but it was a big change. It was an “elite” school. School she could only dream about attending… until yesterday. But even if she could never fit in it was a new chance to do something, a chance to succeed and she wouldn’t take it for granted.
While this trip was good because she got to get away from her home, she would do literally anything to be somewhere else and not spend a weekend with those same kids that aren’t planning to make her and her friends feel welcomed.

There were only essentials in her bag and she didn’t make an effort to pack things she thought would be appropriate for camping. Whatever she found first went straight to her bag, only caring if there were enough clothes for three days, knowing she would probably be alone somewhere on the side minding her own business. She never had an intention to impress anyone and that wasn’t something she was planning to do now.

Arriving earlier, she was lucky enough to find a place at the back of the coach and be joined by Mariana, one of the few girls she actually liked. Usually, she would have her headphones on and look out through the window, but having her here she decided not to do that. Putting her headphones in a little black backpack she always carried with her, taking off her shoes and lifting her legs up on her own seat, she tried to make this ride bearable for Mariana and not ignore her the whole time. Even if they didn’t speak much, it was nice to observe everyone on that bus and have someone who would understand every single eye-roll.

Waiting for everyone to get off the coach, she took a quick glance at the lakehouse mansion through the window, looking at it almost in awe. Just like Las Encinas, it was a place she could never see herself at. Not because she didn’t want that but because she could never afford it. Just by looking at it, she could already imagine how that mansion looked from the inside and what was waiting for them. Picking up her bag and taking out her headphones, putting them on immediately, she got off the coach and with crossed arms waited for everyone to take their stuff so she could find her bag.

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Yesterday, Renée had played truant.

She’d favoured sun, sea, and sand as an alternative to a first day at Las Encinas. It was an induction day, one Renée could afford to miss. A transfer from San Esteban, it’d be Renée’s first public appearance before her former (and new) peers ever since June, when they’d broken up early for the summer as a result of the roof collapse. A fortunate stroke of serendipity.

Matylda Chwalińska’s eyes were met with Renée’s own: grey wisps of clouds amidst a clear blue sky. “Come,” she slipped a hand in hers, “I have a surprise.” She led Matylda to the back of the taxi, where the driver had taken their luggage out of the boot before setting it down on the ground. Renée knelt down by a silver luggage bag, noticeably new and unbattered. “You ready?” She unzipped the bag, a coy smile playing on her lips. There were a few T-shirts and socks here and there, barely enough to warrant the weight of the luggage bag: but it wasn’t until Renée unzipped the compartment inside that it became clear why. She had some hidden contraband. Booze. And a lot of it.

“I’m throwing a–”

Suddenly, something stole Renée’s attention.

“Ferris!” she called out, rising to her feet. She picked up her pace as she approached the doors of the coach he was leaving through. It felt like there were seven or eight people in that surrounding crowd of individuals, all of them named Ferris, as Renée’s voice broadcasting through the driveway had piqued the curiosity of both San Esteban and Las Encinas students alike, prompting several heads to turn. “Oh my god!” She hugged him. “How have you been? It’s been so long.”


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Maria would’ve never have let him leave town if it hadn’t been for Ramon nagging her about how it was good for the boy to get away for while. If Leon’s foster mother could’ve had it her way, there would be a rope keeping him attached to her at all times, so she could keep an eye on him. To make sure he didn’t get into trouble again. Leon knew she and Ramon meant well, but they were both wrong about him. Going on this stupid field trip wouldn’t be good for the boy. If anything, it would make the boy even more frustrated with everything about his life at the moment. A poor foster kid placed in one of the poshest schools in the country. He wasn’t Cinderella. He didn’t need anyone’s help. And being close to Maria all the time wouldn’t keep him out of trouble. It hadn’t. She just didn’t know about the things he did when he wasn’t home. He had just learned to keep up appearances. To use the makeup he had stolen from Mariana’s bag a couple of months ago to cover up the dark circles under his eyes. To shower, brush his teeth, and change clothes after every time he had been smoking cigarettes or … other substances. For this weekend, he had brought almost half of his stash. Leon knew he’d be needing it.

The whole bus ride there, Leon had been sitting at the very back by himself. No one had wanted to sit next to him, and he hadn’t wanted anyone to. He’d just been sitting there, listening to 2pac’s entire discography, wishing he was somewhere on the west coast of the US, instead of sitting there, trying to block out all the teenagers gossiping about who was f*cking who and why. When the bus stopped, Leon got up from his seat to go get the beaten up gym bag he had brought his stuff in, along with everyone else. He didn’t get too far, though, before a familiar face appeared in front of him. A familiar face he had caught looking at him with murder in her eyes for quite some time now. She seemed angry today too. She always seemed to be angry.

“F*ck off, Mariana. Of course I didn’t” he answered her, crossing his arms over his chest. Who exactly did she take him for? He wasn’t a snitch. He wasn’t someone who felt guilty about anything ever. And most of all, he wasn’t a person who worried. Leon never gave anything the time of day. So what made her think she and the things they got up to together would be any different?

@eclipseis - Mariana López

**Vivienne Ella la Torre**

Vivenne woke up that morning excited for todays trip with the rest of the school, she had always loved the school traditions, though this time things were different, wayyyy to different for her taste. This year the were joined by the kids from San Esteban which ment her parents warned her to stay away from all kinds of trouble the kids from the other side of the tracks might bring.

Even thought the trip was basically camping, Vivenne did not dress for it, instead she [wore(https://i.pinimg.com/originals/67/7c/f7/677cf7cca98b07442a5ad520d7eb3555.jpg) Alexander wang jeans, a new pair of Adidas shoes and a white tank top topped with a Prada coat, expensive jewelry and a pair of designer sunglasses. To outsiders Vivienne looked like a highclass spoilt b*tch who got everything handed to her and this consumption was absolutely right, Vivienne dressed to impress, the paparazzi were everywhere, and she was not in the mood to have a picture of her on the Internet dressed like a homeless person.

In the coach Vivienne sad with some of the other girls from school, the main topics that came up where Milan fashion week, the party last friday, and if Aiden Elkann possibly would pull one of his epic pranks this weekend. Personally Vee hoped that Aiden had something special planed for the San Esteban kids.

As soon as they got of the bus Vivienne picked up her Louis Vuitton bags filled with clothing and other fun stuff for the weekend. She looked up on the mansion and gave a loud sigh “Is the school in debt? One would think they could find something with a bigger pool” she said and laughed as one of the girls from San Esteban stood close by. “Im guessing this looks like a castle for you” she asked the girl, who she had heard name was Celia.


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He was certainly glad to have a reason to get away for a while. Though Ferris had been reassured numerous times that he wasn’t, he still felt like a burden staying at Aiden Elkann’s house for since pretty much the moment he moved into the town, and being away from that would make him feel a lot better. Plus, it would be another opportunity to meet the transfers. The only thing that would have made the trip even better would be if it was a few days- or weeks- longer.

To pack, Ferris reluctantly had to make a quick stop at his house to pick up a few extra things, as just the things from Aiden’s house was not enough for the weekend. He made sure to put more than what he usually would so he wouldn’t have to go back. Then he and Aiden got to the school to join the group of students ready to get on the coach.

The journey was long, but Ferris made it go by fast by socialising with the people sat around him. He spoke to, and even befriended, a handful of San Esteban students, to which his older classmates gave him questioning and judgemental looks over - since, to them, it was ridiculous to interact with the lower class freaks. But Ferris outwardly disbelieved and overlooked that unwritten rule.

When it finally came to an abrupt stop, Ferris stepped off the coach, and then took a moment to look around at the unfamiliar setting. It seemed rustic and rural, something he was not used to from living in the more elegant parts of Ireland and then Spain. But he liked it. Though, as a Las Encinas student, he was certainly alone in that, seeing people wonder if this was just a—

He was taken by surprise, showing that by jumping slightly, at the call of his name. Before Ferris could try to identify who it was, she was hugging him. He hesitantly hugged her back. When she pulled away, Ferris tried to actually look at her. Blonde, blue eyes, looking and dressing like any other Las Encinas student but, aside from her obviously knowing him, he had a feeling they had met before. “Yeah…” Ferris looked at her somewhat expectantly. Name, give me a name, He thought as if he was trying to send her a mental message while everyone around him waited for a better reaction from him.

@aestas — RENÉE ALTON



Celia Monero

Patiently waiting for other students to pick up their bags and head inside so she could do that herself, she leaned against the coach observing everyone and everything around her. She did have her headphones on but the volume was on low so she could hear what was happening around her, it’s something she always does. You never know what you might hear when people think you can’t hear them. Hearing a, sadly, familiar voice but unknown name, she looked to the side catching Renée running to hug a guy she’d never seen before. Which she didn’t care about, knowing everyone from her old school was enough for her and it’s not like anyone here would be willing to know something about her.

From Celia’s point of view, Renée looked excited about that encounter but not the same could be said about the guy, Ferris from what she could hear. Seeing his reaction made her chuckle but she quickly bit her lip, turning to the side just not to get herself in more trouble. Maybe this won’t be that bad after all, she thought as she fixed her crop top and prepared herself to finally take her bag but another girl caught her attention. What she said caught Celia’s attention. Slowly taking off her headphones and turning to face her, she could instantly tell she was a typical Las Encinas student just by looking at her style. That girl looked like she was going to a Fashion Week or something else Celia knew almost nothing about, and not the woods. She didn’t even have to complain about the pool not being big enough for Celia to get who she is.

“Castle?” She faked a chuckled at Vivienne’s words, trying to make herself sound sweet. They’ve just arrived and someone is already making her not feel welcomed. But it was something she expected so she wasn’t that fazed by it. “Castle is an understatement. I’ve never seen a house with more than one room,” she sarcastically added, keeping a bright smile on before turning away from her and heading towards the back of the coach to grab her stuff. She had a feeling hearing things like that would start getting entertaining, at least to her because she didn’t care much. She never let anything get to her and she certainly wouldn’t start doing that now. “I’m sure it’s not that bad, you’ll find something to entertain you,” passing by Vivienne as she started walking towards the entrance of the castle, she quickly glanced at her, this time genuinely smiling at her.

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Emilia Cortez Santos

Maybe there was a bright side to your high school’s roof collapsing due to an earthquake: going to an outdoor retreat trip as a welcome for attending one of the most prestigious private schools that only the one percent can afford. It had been months since the catastrophe yet the memory of what was the floor shaking at first turning into the structure of the roof giving out sent shivers down Emilia’s spine. She shook her head before grabbing a crop top she stole from a store and placing it under the rest of the clothes and essentials she packed into her suitcase. After zipping it up, she stared at the wall across from her, wondering how much bigger the suitcases that belonged to the Las Encinas kids were. Her small suitcase would pale in comparison to the heavy amount of luggage the Las Encina kids would bring. Her nostrils flared and her lips pursed. She held the handle of the suitcase and said her goodbyes to her parents. They reminded her to be on her best behavior, especially since she’ll be around kids with powerful parents, but listening to her parents was never a priority of hers.

Her red ankle skirt flowed behind her while the soles of her sandals beat in a rhythm against the floor leading up to the entrance of the coach. On the coach, some familiar faces were adjacent to the unfamiliar ones. Las Encina boasted not only the elite but also attractive faces, it seems. Pleasantly surprised, she felt a smile coming up on her face. There was enough room in the middle of the coach that she could spin 360 degrees and her hips still wouldn’t bump either row of seats on either side. Her trip to the retreat wasn’t anything noteworthy, just some catching up with Renée and Matylda.

The doors of the bus were a portal to the lakehouse mansion they’d be staying in. She forgot when was the last time she saw a structure as big as this in person. Her eyes flashed and her mouth was agape in awe at the sight. For a whole weekend, she’d be staying here and use the various amenities here. Relaxation was definitely on the to-do list but a place like this would go wasted if there wasn’t a bit of fun as well. After gathering her suitcase and rolling it behind her, she stopped walking when she saw a friend of hers: Arianell. “Ari!” she hugged the girl, “What have you been up to these days? I haven’t seen in so long!”

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Vivienne Ella la Torre

Vivviene waited curiously for the girls answer, and when she finally did, it wasn’t what she had expected, and in a od way it was exactly what she thought the girl would think of a house as big as this. Vivienne smirked by the girls answer, the sarcasm in the girls voice was loud and clear, but Vivienne was sure that there was some truth behind it. “Im sure…” she held a small pause “I think there are some maps for the house inside, just to ensure you guys don’t get lost in all the rooms.”

Vivienne chuckled and looked upon the house with a sigh, whereafter she picked up her bag with a large amount of resentment why did the school not pay for staff, its almost barbaric to carry ones own luggages inside. To make the small walk up to the house less hard Vivienne could maybe have packed a less luggages, but she wouldn’t risk it, she had big plans for the weekend, and she had packed for every occasion that might turn up.

Vivienne looked around her fellow students and her gaze landed on Ferris O’conner. He stood with a blond girl, whom after a couple of second Vivienne realized who were, Renée Alton, the girl she had talked to over instagram for ages, and she was maybe the only transfer whom Vivienne liked. Ferris and Renée’s talk seemed rather awkward which was why she decided to interfere. “Ferris, could you please help me with some of my luggages, I seem to have packed way…too much!” she finished her sentence by laughing a bit, and added a girly smile.

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Arianell Ari Okoye

Yesterday had been the first day of school, and Ari was very late. She hadn’t walked through the large doors of the prestigious school until after lunch hours, and still, she acted like she was gracing everyone with her presence. It would’ve been easy enough for her to skip, but Ari couldn’t help but be curious about what the school was like. She figured she might as well get acquainted with the school she was gonna spend the next year at.

Today, was a much better type of day for Ari, as the class was all going on a retreat for the weekend. She loved herself a good vacation, and she was sure that this weekend would be one to remember.

Ari had packed fairly heavily for a weekend trip, her large red polka dot suitcase practically bursting at the seams. She liked having choices to choose between, and this way she could have an outfit for various situations that might arise. For the trip to the retreat, Ari was wearing a salmon coloured crop top with a pair of blue denim shorts that accentuated the curves on her slender figure. The shirt’s collar dipped into a V just low enough to expose a good amount of her cleavage, but not enough to make her seem sl*tty.

She spent the coach ride moving between seats and chatting amicably with the students of Las Encinas. For the most part, she stayed near the original Las Encinas students and avoided the transfers from San Esteban. Many of them were familiar to her, as she had become acquainted with many during the summer, but there were few she hadn’t had the chance to become that friendly with. That would change by the end of this trip, she was sure. During the ride, she flirted with Aiden just for fun and caught up with her old friend Evolet, whom she vaguely remembered from the year she spent in Chicago.

The coach pulled up to the lakehouse mansion and from the window of the bus, Ari could tell that the mansion was going to be a nice place for relaxation. She’d lived in larger vacation homes before, but the resort would do quite nicely. Her wedged sandals were the first part of her to emerge from the bus and the rest of her was quick to follow. Arianell had just grabbed her suitcase—why wouldn’t the school invest in staff to carry our bags in?—and was turning to go into the building when she heard her name called. Looking up, she saw the smile of a transfer that she actually liked. “Emilia!” She called in response, wrapping her arms around her as they shared a friendly hug. “I know, I’ve missed you so much. It feels like it’s been forever since I last saw you! I’ve just been exploring Spain, you know, going to parties and having fun. What’s been going on with you?” She took a step back from Emilia, her expression turning somber as she held onto her friend’s forearms. “How’s… everything?”

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Celia Montero

Subtly rolling her eyes at Vivienne’s comment, Celia continued walking holding back a little chuckle. That girl was funny, she had to admit it but she didn’t want her to see that. Giving Vivienne a little confidence boost wasn’t needed, she looked like she could be full of it. “Thank you. I’ll make sure to tell people you saved us,” emphasizing the word us, she answered sarcastically this time not looking back at her. It was clear what she was thinking not only about her but other students that transferred and it was something the most of them would have to deal with for, probably, a long time.

Walking in, she let herself look around in awe, not caring if someone else might come up to her with a similar castle comment. It truly was something she never had a chance to experience and she had no problem showing that. She didn’t want to fake her emotions or personality, she was always open about some aspects of her life but like everyone else she had her secrets.

She was more than disappointed when she found her room and saw who she had to share it with. Of course, her good friend wasn’t in the same room but the person she dislike the most was. Luckily, this place was big enough for her to never bump into Renée, she just had to survive seeing her in that room. Dropping her bag next to the bed that was in the corner, far away from the door, she sat down looking around for a moment before letting her back hit the bed. As much as this whole trip seemed like a good idea, now she hated every moment of it. Hearing about a music festival happening somewhere in the woods was what was keeping her happy. If there was something Celia liked it was music. From a young age she showed some interest in it, more than anything she was interested in drums. She always wanted to be able to play but that was expensive, she was never able to afford it. Only thing she could do is improvise with similar objects she found in her house and watch some tutorials online. That did help a little bit, she knows the basics but she still dreams of getting a real drum set.

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Quickly posting a photo, she threw her phone to the side and straightened up, noticing another girl coming in. Las Encinas student, Celia thought as she side eyed her, waiting for her to say something about her being a transfer or threatening her in some way. But she seemed nicer than the rest, at least now while she was still quiet. “I won’t bother you. Don’t worry,” Celia calmly spoke up before the girl had the chance to and got up from the bed, picking up her phone, ready to leave the room and explore the place.

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Mariana folded her arms just like he did as he gave her a blunt answer to her. And it surprised her - though it couldn’t surprise her too much, since it would have been her exact answer - possibly even worse - if the roles were switched. But what she mainly focused on was how he also seemed offended for Mariana considering the fact that he could be one to tell people about what had happened, though how could she know that when she could hardly recall his name?

Before the incident, they sometimes crossed paths down the corridors, and on rare occasions spoke a few words to each other - but never anything more than 5 minutes. Since it happened, the interactions between them minimised to practically nothing. And so, in response to him, underneath the confused look she was showing, she gave a short, yet obviously fake, laugh to him.

“Funny you say that like I should know whether or not you are the type of person to tell people things,” Mariana started while moving from standing beside him to in front of him to look at him face to face. “Because I really have no idea who you are.” She announced as if Mariana were passing blame onto him, having been confused since the day of the event as to why he would help if they didn’t know each other. Especially since doing so actually made the whole thing worse.

After saying that, she started to back away from him. Mariana had gotten an answer and, though it still didn’t satisfy her, she knew that the only other lingering question was why he helped her. But she didn’t want a response for that right now.



Emilio Gonzalez

His first day at Las Encinas had been … eventful, to say the least. He’d gotten to explore the school with a close friend yesterday, and all the luxuries that the high school had was astounding to him. The Gossip Girl text had thrown him off a little, but since he hadn’t heard anything else from the mysterious sender, he assumed it had just been a prank meant to scare off the San Esteban transfers.

Today, he was going on an elaborate weekend retreat to some lakeshore mansion, which Emilio thought was a ridiculous expense. Still, he was going to enjoy the trip because he didn’t have many relaxing stays away from home.

He wasn’t planning on attending the trip because he wasn’t sure how his grandparents would fare without him around, but they convinced him that he should go on the trip and enjoy life. They kept saying, “Hoy por ti, mañana por mí,” trying to convince Emilio that he deserved the break. Finally, Emilio agreed to set aside his responsibilities and go on the trip. He had done a lot for his grandparents, and they probably wanted to pay him back for that but it was odd for him to actually get to relax.

He packed minimally—after all, it was only a three-day trip, he didn’t need a whole lot of stuff—using the backpack he usually used for school, since he didn’t have any suitcases of his own. He didn’t need a suitcase, it’s not like he and his grandparents went on a bunch of trips and vacations. And his mother, well, she took hers with her.

On the bus—which shouldn’t have even been called a bus, it was far higher quality than the bus he’d rode to San Estaban—to the retreat mansion, he sat beside one of his close friends, Catalina. She was quieter than he was and while he talked enough to fill in some of the silences, but for a lot of the trip they sat in comfortable silences.

They arrived at the resort, and Emilio stepped out of the bus to take in the splendour of the lakeshore house. It was the second time in two days that he was staring slack-jawed at an impressive structure, but he couldn’t help it. This building was definitely going to provide him a weekend of comfort and relaxation.

Swinging his backpack over his shoulder, he walked into the resort. He looked at the list posted to his roommates and he couldn’t help but grimace. At least he had Benjamin, who was another one of his close friends and Aiden was… tolerable… but everyone else he was unfamiliar with. He couldn’t imagine that his roommates would be any fun, he did have to begrudgingly admit that this list was better than the other.

He claimed a bed by throwing his bag on it and sitting on the side. He sent off a quick text to his grandmother, telling her he’d arrived safely at the retreat. Emilio left the room pretty quickly after that, not particularly wanting to stick around to talk with the majority of his roommates unless it was absolutely necessary.

He wandered around the house for a bit before he came upon a lounge, which looked pretty amazing. He took a seat in one of the chairs, letting out a sigh as his body practically melted into the cushion. He could get used to this.

ORP: Approachable~

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Wow, Mariana must’ve felt really satisfied by that answer, Leon thought to himself. There was some strange power to people who constantly told everyone how little they cared about everyone else. Because after someone told you that they barely knew who you were, there wasn’t much you could say back to them. The thing was, that Mariana was annoyingly obvious about that she did care. At least, more than Leon did. If she actually had been as apathetic as she wanted to sound, she hadn’t been so obsessed about letting him know just how little she cared. Leon just found the whole thing pathetic. And what was perhaps even more pathetic was that he even bothered thinking about all of this. Spending even a second of his time dwelling on something so lame that it almost sounded like something the girls on the bus would’ve gossiped about was way beneath him.

He waited for her to walk out before he followed and got his bag out. Leon had only been there for a couple of minutes, and this place was already giving him a headache. Or perhaps it was the people there that were inducing the headache. He actually couldn’t single out one person he could stand being around in this crowd of students. Surviving this weekend would probably be pretty hard. At least if all the other students had to survive, too.

At least he knew what he needed to make himself feel better. He made sure no one was looking at him, before quickly walking over to a shed he had spotted a couple of feet away. It didn’t seem like people went in there that often. But even if they did, it didn’t matter. He had learned to be discreet enough over the years. Leon opened his bag and got out the baggie from the very bottom with fast fingers. He was happy he had remembered to roll them up before he left. Because even though he saw himself as a seasoned pro at this point, rolling joints while standing hunched over his bag in the middle of the woods while also hiding from his teachers and peers seemed a bit hard, even for him. He pulled out his lighter from his back pocket, lit one of them and then took a drag as fast as he could. As soon as he did, he let out a relieved sigh. It hadn’t quite started working yet, but knowing that it would in a couple of minutes made him feel calmer already.

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Witnessing a less than enthusiastic reaction, Renée’s eyes searched Ferris’ in a bewildered exchange. She saw it conveyed in them like the helplessness of a lost puppy: the fact he was struggling to put a name to the face. Of course. It took a moment for Renée to realise, but when she finally did, she just smiled sweetly, lowering her voice to a volume quiet enough to keep it between the two. “It’s Renée,” she prompted, expecting it to ring a bell. She forced back a frown.

“I guess it’s really been that long, huh?” Renée laughed it off, publicly now. She spoke carefree, easy, as though the words came naturally to her. I almost didn’t recognise you either, she was about to add before she heard an overlapping voice addressed at Ferris: unfamiliar, yet distinctly dulcet in tone. Perhaps, in some distant side-street avenue of her brain, Renée recognised it from the many video posts and Instagram stories of Vivienne Ella la Torre, but it was only upon drawing her attention to the girl that it clicked.


A blessing to break that temporary moment of awkwardness.

Renée clutched at her Prada bag, refraining from offering a hug to avoid giving an impression of overfamiliarity; it’d been a gesture not so eagerly returned by Ferris only seconds ago. “Wow! You’re even prettier in person,” Renée complimented. She smiled warmly, taking in Vivienne, her multitude of bags, and her attire. Wealth, fame, popularity. There was no denying Vivienne Ella la Torre exuded all three, reflecting her birthright status as daughter of the La Torres. Like Vivienne, Renée’s choice of clothes defied the surrounding forest scenery: a cute top, pink corduroy trousers, and white gladiators. She wore this in anticipation of the day’s music festival: boasting fun, drinks, and careless dancing beneath a scorching Madrid sun. One which would paint her skin a sunkissed bronze as if at the brushstroke of Pierre Bonnefille.

And with her own collection of bags, Renée fit perfectly amongst Las Encinas’ elite.

Looking over her shoulder, Renée beckoned Matylda over into the conversation, realising she’d left her behind with one of her half-zipped bags in her momentary excitement – unlike the others, Renée and Matylda had been the odd ones out, making their own way to the retreat separate to the rest arriving by coach. It wasn’t something customary Las Encinas had given anyone the option of doing; it was something Renée, like many things, had decided by her own volition. It only made sense. Matylda and Renée had both missed their first day at Las Encinas.

Besides, Renée had wanted an arrival.

Standing in the presence of an it-crowd elite, a movie star, and a celebutante, Renée was amongst the centre of attention. She revelled in this, exhibiting a confident smile: one fuelled by the looks of curiosity of the people around them. Raising a brow, she sent an expectant glance at Ferris, awaiting his introduction of Renée as a relative of the O’Connors. Not only before Vivienne and Matylda but surrounding onlookers too.


@eclipseis – Ferris O’Connor
@carolinedm – Vivienne Ella la Torre
@sunflower.flow – Matylda Chwalińska


Min-Seo Hamamoto

Min-seo didn’t know what to think about the new situation and to be honest, she was quite literally done. What had occurred at the San Esteban school was tragic and she felt bad for them but what was really getting on her nerves was the fact that a few of the students would have to come to her new school, which, by the way, she hadn’t even started attending yet but from the few interactions she had to power through with a bunch of them, didn’t seem quite pleasant. She felt bad for them but there was nothing she could do for them other than try help them steer clear of the ones more likely to taunt them.

This trip wasn’t something Min-seo was looking forward too but she had to keep up appearances before people started to talk and the rumor mills started to run. Imagine what the gossips columns would come up with just from her missing this trip?

All she packed were the essentials and they all fit into two boxes. The remaining two boxes she had were filled with books, magazines, her laptop and any other thing she could grab so it looked like she put effort into this. In any other situation she would have put more effort and gone over the top with things but as of late the smallest things gave her joy and she didn’t have enough energy to distribute to make everything look extremely lavish.

Min-Seo had tried her best to come as early as possible but her body and brain didn’t seem to be on the same page on this particular day, so she spent more time getting ready than she intended to and took her sweet time eating two slices of toast with bacon rashers.

Once she was on the bus, she went to occupy a seat at the back of the bus, ignoring everyone there, including the girls that occupied seats there. She didn’t bother with pleasantries or politeness and just took to staring out the window until she fell asleep.

Once the coach came to a halt, Min-Seo woke up immediately. She had become accustom to movements of vehicles and how to know when they stop and/ or move. Out of habit, she reached into her little backpack and pulled out a brush to get her hair in order. Once almost everyone was gone, she stepped out of the coach with all her luggage and stared up at the mansion and smiled. This would be the perfect place to sit down and read In Dreams Forgotten by Tracie Peterson. Maybe this weekend won’t be as horrible as she anticipated.

@eclipseis - Mariana López (mentioned)
@astxrism - Celia Monero (mentioned)


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In the moments leading up to the girl’s name reveal, Ferris had to hide the anxiousness he was feeling. Most of the time, interactions like these were completely fine, but Ferris was caught off guard by this, and what really made it worse was the continuously growing number of people who had drawn their attention to his direction. Usually, he liked the attention, but in situations like these… he couldn’t think of anything worse.

The breath he had been holding was finally released when she disclosed her name, and the blue-eyed blonde became familiar to him. After that, everything fell into place as he immediately remembered who she was, matching the face with past conversations and memories. Renée, of course, who had just joined their school with the rest of the San Esteban students. He also slowly recalled a few interactions they had near the beginning of the year too - grew tense somewhat.

Before he had the opportunity to laugh and agree with her, the two of them were distracted by a call of his name from the coach from a girl, whom Renée quickly identified as Vivienne, asking him to carry her luggage.

“Yeah, sure,” He replied, almost immediately. A smile - of somewhat relief from escaping the previous conversation - appeared on his face. Ferris strolled towards to coach, away from Renée, and picked up two of the many suitcases at Vivienne’s feet - making his supply for the weekend look rather bare. “Were you aware of the trip lasting only for the weekend?” He asked, jokingly and lightheartedly.

@aestas — RENÉE ALTON



Vivienne Ella la Torre

As Vivienne hoped for her entry into the conversation broke the temporary awkwardness. She looked at Renée with a true smile, when she complimented her appearance, she had always loved when she was complimented. Even though Vivienne had been told since she was a child how beautiful she were, she still needed to hear it, she starved for it, she needed it.
“Aww, you’re to sweet, honey!” She said and looked at Renée’s bags, “wow” Vivienne couldn’t hide her shook, “is that what I think it is?!” she started intently at Renée’s Prada bag with awe “Is that from the newest collection that dropped last friday? I haven’t been able to get my Hans of one, and I even have a guy who does that.” Vivienne wasn’t easily impressed, but Renée’s new bag certainly did the job, and she could already tell that her and Renée would be great friends, a friend Viv, wouldn’t be afraid to be seen with.

Vivienne followed Ferris towards the house, and laughed at his comment. “You’ll probably think it’s stupid” she smiled, her and Ferris never actually talked much, even though the walked in the somewhat same social circles, it were never really them alone, which were probably why they didn’t know much about the other. “Do you think Aiden have something crazy planned?” Vivienne thought one of Aidens pranks would be a great icebreaker between the old and new students.

@aestas — RENÉE ALTON
@eclipseis – FERRIS O’CONNOR

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