'Emily in Paris' - an Episode story come to life

There’s a new(?) show on Netflix called ‘Emily in Paris,’ and to be completely frank, it’s… not great. I mean, it’s not for me, but I’m sure other people enjoy it and that’s fine. My mom put it on and I was watching it in the background while I worked on other stuff.

And… the whole time I’m watching, I’m thinking: this is structured like an Episode story. The protagonist is a brunette white girl. When her boss (who was supposed to be going to Paris to bring an American view to a French marketing company) finds out she’s pregnant, she goes instead! One year in Paris, she doesn’t even know the language. Her boyfriend is… iffy about the whole thing, but he’s on board in the beginning!

She gets off to a rough start, but a few episodes in she’s really got her shit together. She has a token POC for a best friend (who’s a horrible influence, mind you, but really makes me think of your standard Episode BFF), a cute neighbor, a sexy rich older man as a client for the company she’s working for. Oh, and her boss/coworker is a total meanie, right?

She even has an instagram she gains thousands of followers on just from posting pictures of Paris with semi-cute captions! Everything seems to fall into her lap-- like promotions from brands and endorsements at work.

Man. There’s more, but, just. If you’re familiar with Episode (which I think most of us are), I implore you, check this show out. It really is just someone’s Episode fantasy come to life.


oh my god that sounds so cliche


It definitely is