#EndSars Protest - 10/20/20 🕊️

Hey everyone. Hope you are doing well, I actually didn’t want to come on but yeah, here I am. Some of you might have heard about the EndSars Protest that has been going on for weeks now, I believe. Yesterday evening at about 7 PM/19:00 local time in Nigeria, soldiers started pulling up at the Lekki toll gate where a massive protest was taking place against police brutality.
The protesters were peaceful. Yet, while the protesters where sitting on the ground, singing the National Anthem and waving their flag the military started opening fire on innocent youths.

But seeing live rounds used at one of the protest sites that had been peaceful until last night has rattled many. Just last week I stood at the very site of the shooting. The protesters were peaceful, organised, hopeful for the future of their country. But this is no more. Harrowing social media videos showing protesters singing the national anthem as shots ring out in the background have caused outrage.

There is barely any News coverage on this even though it’s an important matter.
I don’t live in Nigeria and I’ve never been there but I am a Nigeria by blood and I stand with them no matter what.
So, please spread awareness.

Also, if you are UK citizen, you can sign a petition by the UK parliament to implement sanctions against the NG government.

~ We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’
While you line your pockets deep
Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still
Be able to breathe?

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Omg this is so horrible :broken_heart: sadly I’m not a uk citizen… But here in the Netherlands I haven’t heard a thing about this…

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Oh. My. God.


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I really don’t know what this world is turning into. I have a voice so I will use it. Why is police brutality still happening? In Nigeria, there were peaceful protests to end police brutality and reform the police, and to end sars! Why would you kill innocent people for no reason at all?! Including children?! I am even scared just to be at my house because there are killings everywhere and the burning of bridges. Yesterday, Nigerian soldiers opened fire on peaceful protesters. It was so disheartening to watch, the world can’t keep quiet and watch people die like this.

Nigerian lawmakers is this what you all signed for?

How can our president even sleep hearing this news? The fact that people are getting shot while singing the anthem and holding the flag. We care so much but the government has shown again and again that they don’t care the slightest. Innocent people injured and killed simply for asking that their humanity be acknowledged. It’s heartbreaking and it’s sickening. This is why it’s so important to keep fighting and not grow wary. We must demand the respect we deserve and demand it now. Rest in peace to the souls that lost their lives while protesting our cause. I’m praying for their families at this time and I hope we can say their names and keep the fight going.

The unified voices of Nigerians have been treated as a threat to democracy instead of an expression of it. We unreservedly condemn the government’s use of violence against peaceful protests. The responsibility of the government is to ensure that every civilian can safely express their rights and to protect human lives. Rather, from the onset of the #endsars peaceful protests the government has assaulted, harassed, and decimated several protesters through the police and other mobilized agents.

They shot people who were not armed and not violent. These actions are unforgivable and unconstitutional.

Please stay safe. Please stay home.



I’m disgusted. This has to stop.

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This world won’t change, it’s too corrupted.
Unless people change

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People will always be starving for what they are desperate for. Power is one thing, and it’s what honestly tears people apart. There’s too much injustice in our world and that has been ever since the beginning.

When they rise up like that, realization will almost be impossible for them; they get victimized by their own gullibility to their tempations. People forget what their roles are supposed to be—they forget the meaning of it.

This is the part where I lose faith in humanity and don’t believe in them ever genuinely redeeming themselves.

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The keyword here is peaceful. What were they honestly thinking? Imagine training for years just to “defend your country” and you end up being forced to reduce it to piles of lifelessness. So… what was an oath for?

It’s really hard to fight who’s “in power,” especially when they know their way around it. I’m not saying there’s no hope for justice—I’m saying that we need to be together, the whole world, to get those vile minds off of their craziness. No one in their right mind will shoot an innocent person trying to express their concerns about their OWN country, even if they were possibly told to do so.

I am disgusted and dismayed at these creatures.

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This is so sad mann wtf… :broken_heart:

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Hey, I don’t mean to retract away from your thread but can you please say why you want it to stay uncategorised? You can PM me if you want.

OOh-I just wanted it to be a kind of memorial for the people that died so I didn’t want it to be categorized into something. If you get me?

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Also, why did I sound so rude? :skull:

Ah so you didn’t want it to be labeled as general chat? That makes sense :blush: thanks for the explanation.

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