Episode Featured story: Beating the Bad Boy


Obviously, the bad boy is perfect.

Of course, he’s everyone’s ideal type of guy to hang out with. :roll_eyes:

Of course you are an exception.

No thanks.

Basically, the bad boy is the MC’s new neighbour and her sister is calling him cute after her first glance.

Karens (MC’S mum and the bad boy’s mum) insulting each other.


Basically the bad boy’s mother ruined MC’s mother’s roses with her car. Now, the MC mother wants to take revenge on the bad boy’ mother by adding itching powder on her bed, at night. How mature.

Not to be rude but if someone ruined your roses, (basically damaging your property), just call the police.

They got detention because the bad boy (Cole) and the MC were late in class because they argued as he thought it was MC who added itching powder onto his bed. In reality, it was the MC’s mother who mistakenly entered the wrong room and added itching powder onto the bad boy’s bed.

He liked the MC despite the mean girl spreading the rumour about the MC eating cat food. But he was hurt and stopped liking the MC after believing the rumour of the MC using cat poo face mask.

Final thoughts:

For once, the mean girl isn’t a blondie nor an asian.

I wouldn’t say the directing is impressive, but I can see that the writer put somè extra effort to it.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I enjoyed reading the story. If you look over the fact that nothing makes any sense and enjoy the insults from all characters, it’s not a bad story. I lasted 3 episodes before deciding to quit. Definitely better the past bad boy stories that I’ve read.


I just want to say that I like Penny’s hair!

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I ship it


Oh, I already made a topic on this story. Again, it’s your typical high school cliche story, but it’s misleading. Cole is not even a bad boy.

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I swear, they’re just reusing plot/story ideas at this point. Also, I don’t know why, but the way they spelt Shamus’ name is bugging me so much. I prefer Seamus :eyes:

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Also, what’s the MC’s name?

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MC’s default name wasn’t mentioned in the story, I had to create my own.

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I thought that it meant actually beating him up and I almost got excited :pensive:


Lol, if only that was the case :joy:

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This looks terrible.

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what?! this can’t be true! :scream:

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I haven’t read it, but that’s actually pretty funny :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: