Episode Featured Story: French Kiss


This gave me “Emily in the Paris” vibes and I didn’t like that show. So, we’ll see. So, I named the MC Emily for the very reason.

We all know how this is going… :roll_eyes:

Of course, the MC is flirting every hawt stranger she meets.

Our second gem choice of the day.


Why do you need his name?

Of course, the MC is late for owrk, as always.

Gem choice:

There’ll always be that ONE gem choice for you to roast the mean girl. I’m tired,


That’s pretty much the first episode.

Final thoughts:
While it’s not racist or stereotypical as Emily in the Paris, the story is rather cliche. Four gem choices in one episode is really annoying. As usual, the MC will hit on the LI which is a total stranger and will have a mean girl for extra drama.I’m tired with these plots.


Yeah, it seems cliche from the screenshots. There is an original version of the story without the gems with a different title.

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Very inciteful, I have never watched the show but it was recommended to me because of the French in it. :scream: MAYBE THATS WHY IT GIVES U THE SAME VIBES AS EMILY IN PARIS!!! ITS BOTH FRENCH (jk tho)


I love how it lets you choose her name even though the description clearly states the MCs name

I’m sorry… his name is what? Blue? Who would ever name their kid Blue? That’s not even a French name… even if it’s after the color it would be “Bleu.”

Can I ask why the gem choices both cost the same and one is clearly the better option? If you’re going to spend gems, why wouldn’t you opt for the one that shows your skill and initiative?

It’s not like the mean girl’s wrong though-

I seriously don’t understand why Episode doesn’t feature any other genre of story. Actually, they did feature one that I know of, the Infected, but it wasn’t completed and they won’t even bother to fix it. Basically, for three quarters of the last episode, there’s no characters or backgrounds.


Blue from FTD : :eyes::pleading_face:

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Blue was named by someone named Curly. I’m sorry, but they just ain’t that good with names.

All I remember about that story is that the cover looks exactly like the one for Not Your Ex.

I mean, it’s not illegal to copy one of your own covers I guess, it’s just lazy, and that tells me all I need to know about how much effort they put into it.

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It’s kind of strange that in the description, the MC’s name is Alanna, but then, there’s an option to name the MC.
I don’t like name options anyway, because I usually end up picking a name I like, or naming them after a character from one of my own stories, and the MCs turn out to be awful.