Episode: Good Stories That Don't Use Gems

Hi, all! I’m starting a Wiki page for great Episode stories that don’t use Gem choices! It’s a wiki, which means that everyone (trust level 1 and above) will be able to add to it and include their favourite stories. Please feel free to add as many stories to this as you’d like.

WARNING: Please check the rules below before you add stories!

  • Do not recommend your own stories – we have a whole section dedicated to promoting your own stories! #share:promote-your-story I understand that we want to promote our own stuff, but this thread is here to help and support each other! Please respect that and keep your posts to your favourite stories other people have written. Bear in mind: I will be able to see who comments what, so I will delete any self-promoted stories.

  • Only Promote Good Quality Stories – I’ve seen this debate first-hand, but this thread isn’t for supporting all of your friends. As nice as that might be, we need to make sure that all of the stories on here have good directing and scripting to keep up the standard so that people continue to trust our recommendations. As such, we will be deleting stories if we find that they huge directing, scripting or spelling and grammar issues.

  • Keep it PG13 – Episode is a PG13 app and we want to stick to their rules. Plus, we have a whole Patreon exclusive Restricted Section where you can promote mature stories!

  • Keep the format the same – We’d like the title of the story, a few words on what makes this story special, and the link to the story. Please also collapse these by clicking “Settings” then “Hide Details”. Make sure to add the stories to the right genre, too! This will stop the page from getting too cluttered.

  • Add the link to the story — We want to make this as easy as possible for people to find the stories they want to read. Please, please add a link. If you don’t @ChaoticDeluge or I will have to go around adding them in after. 100 links to find is no fun for us!

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Awesome! Without further ado, please feel free to recommend your favourite Episode stories!


’Adrenaline’ by evil ebony


'Summer of '99 by Sophie M.

Set in the 1999, this story is about a group of high school students that wind up together on a road trip to Mexico! The directing is flawless, and the characters are all interesting.


'One of the Girls' by Amberose

This is probably one of my favourite Comedy stories on Episode! It’s funny and the jokes are super relevant. The characters are well developed and the script is on point. Plus, it has a male MC, which makes it pretty unique!

It’s the story of a guy who accidentally finds himself in a dorm full of girls at university. How does he cope?!

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'At First Sight' by Trishy_writes

Hilarious comedy with a cute romance and interesting characters. Touches a theme of disability as well.


'Legally Clueless' by Charlie Cee

The Comedy follows Avery, who just moved to NYC. It’s a good rom-com, with likable characters, and some important life topics too.


The Fool Card

The Fool Card by M Jordan

I totally recommend this story as it is funny as hell. The story is set in the UK and it is about the MC who had a messy break-up with her boyfriend (he’s a jerk). So her & her friend Georgie (she’s a girl) go to the fair and meet a fortune teller who predicted the MC’s future; especially when you pick the Fool Card.

The story was inspired by Tarot Cards of course.


Theta 135 by Toriah

This story is technically a comedy but is also a bit adventurous, and has just a hint of LGBTQ romance. It’s a fun romp through time and space as well as short and complete at 5 chapters. Highly recommend and choices matter as there are 2 endings!

Untameable by Kimber Valmont

This story is a dark comedy mixed with mystery and it got me intrigued from the very first episode. It is a parody of the dynamic between a new girl at school and the resident bad boy with photographic memory. The MC is funny which makes her easy to root for. Choices have consequences (your characters are killable) and at the end of every two chapters you get cool mini games that can help you top character points. If you like dark comedies and characters with strong personalities, you’ll love this story!


Times Square by Janine de la Cruz

If you are looking for a hilarious rom-com with memorable characters, go read Times Square! There’s something for everyone in that story. Family drama, soldiers, romance, kids, funny moments, and choices that impact your relationship with other characters---- it’s a great read! Both main characters are over 25, so if you are interested in stories that revolve around adult characters, you will most likely enjoy this one!
You can support the author with gems at the end of the episode, but it does not affect the story if you decide not to.


'Touch of betrayal' by Kshitija

I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the author but this story is amazing, it’s about a world in which you only see black and white until you meet your true love.

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'Flawed But Perfect' by Ana Stacy

I recommend this story because the characters are all so complex and interesting! There are characters you will love, and others that you will love to hate. They all feel like real people, and the main characters aren’t stereotypical at all! The story has a great pace, neither too slow nor too fast, and choices matter!
There is an option to buy extra points at the end of each chapter, but it’s totally optional and does not affect the story at all.
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'White nights' by Diamy

An adopted girl, Stella, is carefree until two princes from another world come to her – one seeking her hand in marriage, the other seeking revenge.


'NEVERLAND' by Maggy

Jiselle loves her grandmother’s tails of neverland. she wishes to see the place. and of course, that wish comes true


'Fantastical Criminals' By Saga Instalment

In years you have held captive by the evil king. but with help from the rebellion, you will take down his evil regime


Draken Stone by Jane Belrose

Some how thrown into a magic world. slowly falling in ruins. and the only to save it is the missing Draken stone
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The Ruby Tiara by Wincy.W

Stuck in another dimension, you need to find a way to escape! But with the love in the air and the cat fights in the harem, are you able to survive in this kingdom?
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'Insomnia' by Caitoriri

This story is short and sweet, and it is the first story that made me poop myself when I was reading Episode horror. It’s a great story about loss mand mental health and healing that made me want to laugh, cry and smile all in the space of three episodes. Yes, it’s scary, too!


'Kelly: Revenge' by Parako

All of the Kelly stories are revamped into Limelight. I love this series so much because it is very realistic and I love revenge stories! Check it out if you’re into horror ;D


'Wo Ai Ni' by Parako

Another horror story by Parako. It’s a great story about the death of 3 girls. How they lived , died and the story of their life as a ghost. It’s very realistic and if you loved Kelly: Revenge then you will surely love this one as well!


'Darkest Night' by Frost King

Another zombie apocalypse story but with a team, trying to end the virus that happened. Who do you think was behind all of this? Find out in Darkest Night. Also, there are some cute guys in the story :wink:


'Shroud by Dina'. D

I can’t remember the name of the author :grimacing: but this story is pretty scary it incorporates folk lore aswell as religious beliefs. It’s quite short but worth it!

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'Risen' by Dxmonds

Honestly, it’s the best mystery story I’ve read so far. The plot is unique and the characters have real personalities. I just can’t stop reading!


'Dead Ringer' by W. Wiley

Great story, about the ghost-whispering girl who is forced to leave to boarding school, where she tries to find her mother, that she has never seen. Story follows two timelines, that are connected. Romance present.


'Dancing with Danger' by Honeybee

Amazing mystery story with a great mix of drama, romance, and comedy thrown in. The characters are relatable, and there’s plenty of mysteries surrounding the main cast.

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'Love Me Wilde' by Michaela Bri

Well written and directed story, with slow-pacing romance and likable characters.


Ace of Hearts by Yueliang

This is a great story about asexuality. Not only is it educational; there’s also lots of humor, amazing character development, a very diverse cast, and heartwarming moments.
Here’s the link if you want to read it.

The Depths of Newport by baechulgi

a cliche romance drama with a mean girl popular boy and bad boy (maybe girl) because you can be gay and then mean girl will have a crush on you

also, there is a murder and MC is in the witness protection program

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wanderer of fallen fate by ARC

with the ability to see people death when she touches them. how will she be able to handle the stranger whom she saw die saving her life

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'Heavenbound' by Nelles

Sort of Sci-Fi romance, with multiple love interests and great directing.


'Drive Me Wild' by LadyDianna

Probably one of the best mafia romance stories, and it comes from someone who dislikes mafia stories.


'Bad Reputation' by Naemi

Great directing, well-built point system, “fresh” characters, and choices that really matter.


'Feels Like Home' by Michaela Bri

A solid romance plot with interesting three-dimensional characters and good old drama. The story uses point system and advanced directing.



The Infected by Caitoriri

This is one of my favorite books of all time. It’s a story centered around zombies, but it’s not like all other zombie stories you’ve read. There are 5 main characters, and you play as one of them. When the zombies attack your school, you escape it, recruiting partners along the way. When you escape, you face betrayals, attacks, minigames, and are trying to figure out the it question. Who started the pandemic in the first place? One thing I really love about this story is that it focuses so heavily on your relationship with the other characters. You can romance any of them, or not. Your choices really do matter.

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'Maternal Instincts' by Elise C

This story is absolutely brilliant! It covers the dangers of stalking and creepy exes, as well as the lengths a mother is willing to go to in order to help her child. It touches on racial inequality and mental health in ways that are both authentic and respectful. It’s unique in the fact that most of the story is told from the point of view of a mother. Most MCs aren’t over the age of, like, 25! The directing is amazing and your choices matter.


'The Pulse' by ShannFergg

This story is about a woman name Shan who moved to another town to work as a nurse. When she started working at the hospital, she is paired with a good looking doctor named Liam. The problem is that the co-workers & the boss aren’t happy with them sharing a great chemistry. Not going into details as I want you guys to find out yourself. It’s a really good story.


(If I’ve forgotten any genres, please feel free to add them!)

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