Episode Interactive Story Lore for character - opinions

I started writing the backstory for this character in an Episode Story I made, that’s sort of Sci-fi Fantasy mix with at least 1 planet where mankind went and made a civilization. As I started writing the personality of this character I just kept writing and writing, and half of the Lore I meant for this planet just kind of made it’s way into her personality … Trust me there is only about 2 sentences in total about her personality, while the rest is just either lore or explanations why folks reated like they did

Let me just tell you, I made this character sound so very important and praised her so much that ya’ll will think she is the MC of the story. No, the MC is a history professor that finds himself on Hart Island with a loss of memory surrounded by AshMen (Amethyst being one of them) and with a loss of memory, sworn to help the AshMen (or AshHumans if you will) find their way to the information they seek and to find a way home, something nobody knew how to do before them and they needed to find out because if nobody did no human would be able to join them after things on Earth would’ve gone astray.

Is the Lore any good or is it far-fetched?

Amethyst (name meaning sober/jewel) is a young woman raised in a family that isn’t very rich, but they do possess one of the Hermes Jewels. The said jewels were used in the olden days to communicate with people of Earth, however, the only people they could communicate with didn’t hold up with the discovery of the Americas. After that they could no longer recieve messages even though they could either sent them or pick up signals and decypher them, they only resorted to sending messages when absolutely needed. However they never used them because they never needed to send messages to humans for there wasn’t a single human who knew about the message nor were theere any messages known by the Melatropos (Literally means AshMen in Ancient Greek because Melia - ash, Anthropos - human; they called themselves Ash Humans because they noticed their skin turned ashy due to evolving by living on a different planet) that were of use to Humans or vice versa. They could recieve messages still and that is how they kept updating their database about humans (they created a civilization on another planet in hopes of helping humanity in case they ruin Planet Earth or in case of overpopulation so keeping tabs on humans is necessary). The Hermes Jewels were once used by many, it was like a telephone connection between two Planets, but once there were no more humans they could contact, most of the Hermes Jewels were destroyed, except the few most powerful ones, but to not give them to people who would use them stupidly and so they could be used scarcely, those few powerful Hermes Jewels were given to people by the Kings of the 3 biggest civilizations only to those people deemed smart enough to handle them. The families of those people were given a title Jocalnax (Yo-kal-nax from Jocale(Lat. jewels)+Anax (Greek “leader,chief,lord”). Amethyst’s father was a Jocalnax and he chose to give the Hermes Jewel of the family to her. Folks thought it was a stupid decision to give the jewel to her when he had children who were more knowledgable than she seemed to be. She had a fun, folks-loving and fun-loving attitude, usually being nice, sweet, going out of her way to help folks, and she had a somewhat bubly personality. Becuase of the friendly, bubly personality, folks thought she wasn’t very intelligent, but she wasn’t bubly becase she wasn’t very intelligent, instead she was bubly despite her intelligence, but folks didn’t see that. She was also brave, despite the fact the folk of Gaia (her planet, folk is their word for people from old Germanic - fulka, English people also used this word to create their “folks” and “folklore” words) really didn’t want people to know about them until they were ready to introduce themselves propperly as to not intimidate humans, Amethyst took a huge risk and took action (of which her father was the only one proud because he was an action-taker just like her, not a bystander fearing risk and not doing anything just because doing something is too risky), found a way to travel to Earth with her friends and to travel back once she was on Earth herself (by the huge help of the MC, but nevertheless she wouldn’t have found it had she never took that huge step for Melatropity (Ash-humanity).