Episode Releases Discussion: Our Little Secret

Description: To win over your life-long crush, you have to take on the Queen Bee. Luckily you have a secret weapon- aka The Hottest Person in School/Your Fake Boo - who’ll show you the ropes. Could this story get any more cliche? Read to find out!

(Ok I put in that last line lol)

But seriously, life long crush, highschool, Queen bee- a fake boyfriend- geez. And let me guess, she falls for the fake bf and he’s a love interest and you have to choose between them in the end. I mean, we all can practically guess what happens at this point.


Of course we can! It’s Episode babes!



The community is getting wayyy better than the own creators lol

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Oh my god, could this story even get more generic? I’m sure the directing is terrible, too.


I appreciate Episode’s initiative on having a Korean-American MC for this story, and I like how the story is breaking high school stereotypes (a black LI and an Asian mean girl), but the story is too cliché and generic for me. I wish they made the story much more intriguing, not another one of those cheap teen romance plot lines.

One thing I praise about it though, is that they incorporated Korean culture in this story. The characters in the story were playing Yut Nori, a traditional Korean game.


I’ve said it before but I’d be happy to say it again.

I enjoyed the first chapter, but I won’t be reading the rest of the story. While it was cliché, I’m happy that episode included a non-ethnically customisable MC and that they stuck to her roots. But that’s pretty much all that’s going for the story at this point.

The directing seems lazy (nothing against spotlight), and considering episode has a team of directors at their disposal, it’s very lacklustre to other stories they’ve come out with themselves. (See Blood Lust and Love Life as examples. The directing was at least cinematic.) So for the first story they’ve had a non-customisable Asian MC, I’m saddened that they didn’t put the same effort into it that they did for others.

Also unlike other stories, it doesn’t include sexual assault right off the bat. (Such as kissing a mysterious stranger with no features in a dark dressing room.) There also isn’t anything to suggest that the author even intends to do so in the future of the story. So, props to them for that human decency!

I dunno, I think I’m just expecting more and more from episode, because if people from the community can create stories with fully integrated directing and overlays with a banging story to boot - all within 3 months for a contest (cough J.Miley cough) - then the company itself has basically no excuse. Especially if they have a whole year to write what I’m guessing is only 8 - 15 episodes.


I’m really mad at this one story on Episode- they literally copy and pasted the script from the same story with just a few adjustments- how do I know this- THEY KEPT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR’S END CARD WITH THE ORIGINAL STORY COVER. bruh. Like, obviously Episode is too lazy to care at this point and we can’t expect ANY of their stories to be good at this point!

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I don’t really like that all these stories are so boring and cliche. They never really invent any new plotlines, it just seems like they constantly have a pile of plotlines and then mixes them up to get a story. However, I do like that they include diversity (MC is Korean) and I did like the directing for this one… I just wish that more passion was put into the storyline. Like, a difference between stories now and stories back when Episode was still a baby… is that the featured stories had the originality to them, yes, they were bad and yes they had cliche elements but it seemed that those stories had passion put into them!
And now it seems like they’re just doing what sells.

Which is why I couldn’t get past the first few scenes lol… I’ve been scarred. I’ve read too many of these featured stories!

And the MCs even with diversity are usually very bland! Ugh.