Episode Wiki - Stories About Diseases and Isolation

Considering we are all dealing with the coronavirus it felt like a good idea to make an epiosde stories that give us something to relate to in this hard and pretty boring times.

This is a wiki post, so anyone with a high enough trust level will be able to post their most loved stories – as long as they fit the brief! Edit and add as many as you want to. There are a few rules, though. Please check those first!

  1. Please let someone else finish adding their own stories before you start adding yours! Otherwise, it will delete their suggestions if you’re both editing at the same time.
  2. Only stories including the theme of diseases and isolation here, please! We will have other threads for other types of stories.
  3. Please include the link of the story! If you can’t, @ me. This is for ease of access – so people can access our stuff as easily as possible.
  4. Please don’t recommend your own stories. This is a place to celebrate others, not promote yourself. We have a separate section for that!

Without further ado…

The Infected

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Yep I more or less copied this from one of Shannii’s threads, I hope you don’t mind @ShanniiWrites :see_no_evil:


Not a suggestion but Detenu and The Infected are treat! :+1:t5:

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This isn’t a wiki :eyes:

Would my American Revolutionary story count since the main character ends up with a terminal illness?

I’m gonna open this up again to see if we can think of any more :smiley:

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I added Quarantined by Shahar!

Added wiki tag! :two_hearts:

Added #recommendation tag :sparkles:

@Episodians If you know any stories about diseases and isolation, feel free to add them here :eyes:

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