Episodes weekly updates on the Shanniiwrites forum!

Hello everyone!
I just wanna make this post because I’m not sure if everyone knows about this but I, with @ShanniiWrites permission, post the weekly updates on this forum.
now you might wanna know why because you can just have a look at the episode forum right? Well, I know that we all just immediately wanna show our opinion. May that be a negative one or a positive one. Sadly most people here and on the episode forums experience that we can’t show our true feelings about the updates. The mods , on the episode forums, will say that the topic isn’t open for discussion when you write something negative, however when we say something positive then all of the sudden we are allowed to debate about the update :thinking:
This is, at least for me, very annoying as I like to hear peoples true feelings and I’m sure that you like to hear and express them too!

That’s why every time that episode updates something it will be posted here as well! Of course, I can be a bit late, and I’m sorry if I am, but just know that I’m most likely late because I wanna show you guys screenshots of the clothes and examples of them on characters! The reason for me being so slow is because the clothing portal is laggy and that takes a lot of time.

I know that I’ve already done this 2 times but I thought that it would be useful to let everyone know this in one big post!

I do have a question for you guys. if you’re portal is quicker and if you already: made a look or already have pics of whatever is new would you allow me to use them in the update post itself? I, of course, will give credits to whatever you allow me to use in the post. This can make it a lot easier and less frustrating when my portal takes forever to load :anger:

One more thing:
credit @PensiveShadow


Big massive support to this, this is lovely for the people who are banned/suspended to not feel out of the loop. Thank you :heart:


Interesting new detail!


This button here lets you give us all a time that automatically adapts to each user’s time zone!

The update should come out around 2019-07-11T18:00:00Z2019-07-11T19:00:00Z today!


Also, I just wanna apologize for my bad grammar. When I really wanna tell something I get really excited and forget to let it check on Grammarly. if you notice any mistakes in my writing please correct me I need to learn. I’m using Duolingo to learn as well but I still can’t help but make small grammar mistakes…
Don’t be afraid, or feel like you offend me when you notice grammar mistakes. I’m really trying but sadly I can’t see everything and for some reason, Grammarly decides to help me in some posts and in other ones it just leaves me alone.
I know that perfect grammar makes everything seem a lot more professional so I really don’t have a problem with someone correcting me :smiley:


Thanks @ShanniiWrites !


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