ERD: My Problem With "It'll Be Our Secret"

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My Problem With "It’ll Be Our Secret"

Story description: Fighting infertility becomes easier when you and your cute neighbor start a secret affair. The drama that comes with it - not so easy!

Ok kinda unpopular opinion but… after seeing all the cut and paste same stories on Episode, idk I kind of liked this one at first. But oh my god do I have some things to say about it now. I liked that it was set in a “small world” - the main drama like takes place in the apartment and they do go like other places but they seem close to their home. After reading so many cliche high school stories it was idk refreshing to just see a small story? Not that big of a cast either.

Honestly, it isn’t necessarily the cheating that frustrates me. Cheating is terrible and all, but I mean, basically both members in the relationship were cheating anyway so like I don’t really have any empathy for the MC’s husband. I also liked that they were married (at least in the beginning lol) instead of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Idk I liked it cuz it shows that they used to have a better connection.

Ok- now to the parts I really hate:
The story is about the MC who is desperately trying to get pregnant- with a husband who VERY CLEARY does not even want kids. Frustrated sigh. Ok I’m just a highschooler but bro- if you’re in a relationship and trying to get preggo- IT SHOULDN’T BE ONE SIDED?! LIKE… BRUH. And the story acts like the man is the obvious villain and everything he does is wrong… He has his faults- yeah he does. But like the MC does too?
She always talks about “talking to him” but all she tries to “talk to him” about is why he won’t go to the doctor to like check his sperm or something. Like… wouldn’t you first talk to him about if he wants kids in the first place? But oh just because he married her he is obligated to be her baby-daddy. The story just does not acknowledge this problem at all.
Like it might make guys feel like they HAVE TO have kids even if they don’t want to - that if their GF or wife wants kids then they have to have them too and it’ll be all on her. Like, aren’t you guys supposed to be a team? Like even tho she carries the baby it’s your baby too?
I mean, the guy in the story doesn’t express not wanting kids but like… shouldn’t it be obvious if he lacks any interest in her wanting to get pregnant AT ALL? HE EVEN TELLS HER TO STOP THE TESTS! Like…
Like I would have actually liked the story if the story showed that their relationship was flawed from BOTH ends- from hers with her just expecting him to be okay with having kids and him having no communication with her at all.
And this MC annoys the hell out of me. LOL she was nice at first which I really liked but I hated when the “nice” character talked about “deserving” to be pregnant more than this other girl who got pregnant (I mean, tbf- the girl that gets pregnant drinks alcohol and WHILE pregnant so it’s an argument to be made…but I still think that she (MC) shouldn’t talk about “deserving” to be pregnant)

I mean having a child is about raising it… not just being a mother if you guys get what I mean. Like if she HAD had that child with her husband, he wouldn’t have wanted to be involved probably causing a lot of stress in general for the child about being confused about why his dad doesn’t really care. (I mean realistically maybe he would have grown to love the child but like again… in this story he seems to not care about it at all and I don’t think this story would even care enough to give him THAT level of character development). Like, yeah he doesn’t communicate but the MC is directly forcing this on him like what?

It just makes me angry and sad about the author’s view on relationships… that if a girl wants to get pregnant WITH her partner and her partner doesn’t want to do it he should just tolerate it and HE’S the villain! Like if the roles were reversed… jeez. Episode just really hit a new low for me and I’m just upset with this story.

Like, she could have talked to him and not have been forcing him! Maybe then, she could’ve done another option like adopting for example. Or could have broken up with him once knowing that they have clearly different goals in life. Using this just for the sake of drama and to antagonize him when they’re both in the wrong is just… completely wrong.


I feel bad for the guy. And sad that this story just shows that people DO think this way IRL! Like, the MC even says that the guy used to be a good guy and a good husband. So you have to think about like what went wrong to have him acting like this, then it starts to click in that maybe she just stopped listening to him. Like he doesn’t have any good communication with her at all- maybe cuz he knows that she isn’t going to be listening to any of it. Why bother with it at that point right? Maybe I’m looking too much into it but like that’s the vibe I get.

I think it would have been a better story if it was told from his side OR it was changed entirely to where the MC is actually struggling with infertility (Cuz spoiler- she isn’t in the story- it’s again blaming the guy cuz the guy is) and they both want kids and the guy blames her for being infertile- or struggling with it. THAT would have been a good villain! Then her cute neighbor helps her realize that like she’s okay and it isn’t her fault or something. That should have been the message. But it isn’t. Which honestly just- this whole story breaks my heart. Episode has sunk to new lows.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this story?


The first line is so insulting. You’re saying that if you’re infertile, you can cheat? Wtf it this clownery?


Wanna know what’s more insulting- as soon as she cheats she gets pregnant!


That’s not how being infertile works!


Lol ik- but like spoiler alert- the husband is the one that can’t have kids! (And he doesn’t want them) yet the MC never talks to him about that, just demands that he goes to the doctor about his sperm.


Lol I’m gonna legit read the entirety of the original story and if it is really the same as the Episode one, then I’m gonna leave a nasty comment about the way it was handled cuz there’s a lot of things wrong with the Episode one.


Jees… yeah the original is bad.

She’s talking with the doc about how her husband doesn’t want to get his sperm count checked- hinting at him not wanting kids already.

Doc says, “You need to put your foot down.” Ugh ugh ugh. So many things wrong with that!


Both versions are awful. This story really just disrespects people who choose not to have kids and makes it seem as if you’re the ““bad”” person in a relationship for not wanting to. It’s really forced and in your face.

The featured version tried to make their partners more verbally abusive and justify their cheating but their anger was somewhat justified. The neighbors husband is lazy and she’s the only one with a job. And the Mc keeps forcing “i WaNT kIDs” constantly without taking consideration om how the husband feel. Honest;y, if you have marriage issues, get a divorce. Cheating is just the stupid decision and makes you an *sshole.


It’s a terrible story because it glorified cheating and pregnancy. Ironic how Episode say that it’s a 13+ app yet they allow trash like that!

There are a lot of people out there that are infertile and I see this makes fun out of the people that are infertile.


And didn’t the MC get mad at his wife cuz she quit her job or something? Wow.


Considering this is supposed to be an app targeted at teens, how is this appropriate, but having underwear showing in @ChaoticDeluge’s artwork for @Talu’s story was too much?


I’m gonna say it again but like… this story would have been good if it had actually been about the woman fighting infertility and feeling bad about herself for it and then meeting someone who helps her through it and learns some lessons along the way… Like a lot of people probably deal with this and it would’ve helped a lot of people. Especially being a featured story.



Does ya cute neighbour’s sperm automatically get rid of infertility?

Ok? If you want kids and he doesn’t why did you get married to him if you’re going to cheat on him to get your way. OOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIII. I have no respect for cheaters, this just takes it onto another level.


So she CAN have children?


Yep! :unamused:

clEaRy DoeSN’t KnOW WhAT INferTilIty mEans


It was her husband who was infertile