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:fleur_de_lis: F A I R Y T A L E D : T H E - R E T U R N - O F - T H E - L E G E N D :fleur_de_lis:
:paperclip: S I G N U P S

♛ p l o t

Her bottom lip quivered, and there was a long pause before she asked tentatively, “Are you sure?”
There was an even longer pause as she cowered in fear.
“We cannot wait any longer. This will work. It has to.”
She said nothing. Even though his back was turned to her, she offered a shivering curtsy before leaving the room, carefully shutting the large wooden door behind her.

A week later…
A golden package is found in your character’s mailbox. The letter inside reads :

Dear [Name],
Congratulations, student! Our systems have verified that you are indeed a child of a fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High! Once Upon a High is a boarding school specifically for the offspring of characters from myths, nursery rhymes, and fairytales. If you choose to attend, you will be met with luxurious dorms and meals, and the best staff in the kingdom. Classes have been specially prepared to suit the needs of each attending student, whether they be royal or commoner. No tuition is needed, just this letter to prove you are the child of a fairytale character.
We hope to see you soon,
Headmaster Grimm & Staff

Along with the letter is a uniform and guidebook.

Last year, the students of Once Upon a High went home for the summer break, slightly frazzled, but well. Deals had been struck, kisses shared, couples created. Now some of the older students will be returning to OUH for their second year, along with some new students as well.
But little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts… secret romances, fights, betrayals, and kidnappings… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?

✠ r u l e s
  1. Each RP post must be at least 4-5 sentences long. There is no limit to how long your post has to be (although this forum might not let you post more than a certain amount).

  2. **Implied s-x is allowed.**Once the clothes come off, fade to black or take it to PMs. You can describe kissing, making out, etc, but make sure to follow forum guidelines so you aren’t flagged.

  3. No God-modding without permission. God-modding is when you control the actions, dialogue, or thoughts of someone else’s character without their consent. You must also ask before k*lling someone else’s character.

  4. Use trigger/content warnings. If you are going to discuss a topic that is sensitive, put a warning and blur the content. Make sure to follow forum guidelines with your topics, and research sensitive topics properly to make sure you are writing them correctly.

  5. No ORP posts on the RP thread. You may include an ORP or OCC at the end of your character’s post. However, you may not only post an ORP/OCC without anything from a character. Instead, post on the signups thread or chat thread (depending on what you want to discuss). Or, you can PM the person you want to talk with.

  6. Don’t forget to write your character’s location. This will be especially important during classes so no one gets confused. Cloning during class periods is not allowed. There will be times you can clone your character, though.

  7. Activity levels. I would appreciate if you could post at least once a week. If this does not work for you, or you are planning to be absent for a while, please let me know. I’m pretty easygoing. If you have been active, but have not posted in three weeks, I will reach out to you. If you have not been active in two months, your characters will go to the adoptions unless you have previously asked me not to do this.

  8. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! These are characters who have no flaws or are overpowered. Make sure your character is detailed and unique-don’t just try to make them as perfect and invincible as you can. I promise it’s more fun that way ;))

  9. No two characters can share the same first name or faceclaim. If the characters are identical twins, they can share the same faceclaim. If you have chosen a name / faceclaim someone else has already chosen, I will let you know. I love finding names and faceclaims, so let me know if I can help you in any way.

  10. Have fun & be respectful! I love this RP with all of my heart, and I want you guys to enjoy being in it! Make sure to respect others and their opinions, and if you have a disagreement, PM the user about it. We love in-RP drama though ;)) Thank you so much for showing interest in Fairytaled, it means so much to me!!

🃏 s i g n - u p - f o r m

Name :
Child Of :
Gender :
Pronouns :
Age :
Sexual Orientation :
Romantic Orientation :
Best Subject :
Personality :
Biography :
Faceclaim :
Birthdate [Optional] :

♔ f a c e c l a i m s

l a d i e s [ a - m ]
l a d i e s [ n - z ]
g e n t l e m e n [ a - m ]
g e n t l e m e n [ n - z ]
n o n - b i n a r y [ a - z ]
a n i m a l s [ a - z ]
i n a c t i v e s [ a - z]
a d o p t i o n - c e n t e r

♡ f o r m s

s u g g e s t i o n s
c l a s s - r e g i s t r a t i o n

✩ l i s t s & l i n k s

a l l - c h a r a c t e r s + r e s e r v e s
r o o m m a t e s
s c h e d u l e s
i n s t a g r a m
a p p r o a c h a b l e - w i k i
r p - t h r e a d
c h a t - t h r e a d
f a n f i c - t h r e a d

➵ a r c h i v e s

o l d - e p i s o d e - f o r u m s
[ o n e ][ t w o ][ t h r e e ][ f o u r ][ f i v e ]

e p i s o d e - f o r u m s
[ o n e ][ t w o ][ t h r e e][ f o u r ][ f i v e ][ s i x ][ s e v e n ][ e i g h t ]
[ n i n e ][ t e n ][ e l e v e n ][ t w e l v e ][ t h i r t e e n ][ f o u r t e e n ]
[ f i f t e e n][ s i x t e e n ][ s e v e n t e e n ][ e i g h t e e n ][ n i n e t e e n ]
[ t w e n t y ][ t w e n t y - o n e ][ t w e n t y - t w o ]

r e t u r n - o f - t h e - l e g e n d
[ o n e ][ t w o ]

m i s c
[ f a n f i c ][ S c l a s s ][ s i g n - u p s 1 ][ s i g n - u p s 2 ][ s i g n u p s 3 ]

↬ t a g



I’d like to reserve!


OMG THAT’S SO AWESOME! :star_struck: I appreciate your interest so much! Let me know if you need help with your character or choosing a parent (it’s hard to find an available one :sweat_smile:)


Who can I choose as a parent?


I would like to reserve a male and a female!


There are plenty available, but a lot of the common ones (like disney princesses) have been taken :frowning: A lot of @Conflicted’s characters are up for adoption, there is a daughter of Mulan and one of the Cheshire Cat available! There are others, I can try to find them but it could take a while :joy:

Is there any specific kind of parent you are looking for?

OMGGGggggggggggggggggggg that’s so awesome! Thank you so much :grinning:


I’m just going to help out RIver, you should probably mention what fairytale/nursery rhyme/fable/folklore/myth character parent you would want to make a child of.


Thank you @astralis :heart:


No problema friendo ^^


Ooh, no there’s none, I’m fine with any :laughing:
Can I adopt their characters then? These two would be fine, so no need to look for the others XD


YAYYYYYYY!!! That’s great news! PM me so I can tell you a bit about their backstories! :smiley:
Those two are some of my favorite characters so it means so much to me :sob:



Hey there guys, so we have 271 characters. Awesomeness. Yay! :partying_face:
But that’s around 200, give or take fairytale parents taken.

So if you want a parent, look at these lists.

All Characters || Here
Reserved Characters || Here

:scream: So what happens if a parent you want is on this list? You can ask the owner if you can make the sibling, if they refuse find a new parent. If you have a hard time ask me or River so we can help you out!



it pains me… so much… But i cannot hurt myself any further… :skull:


Hey! I reserved for the child of Echo but never made a character so that’s free if anyone wants to use it. I was also hoping to drop my character Everette (a son of Maleficent) eek! This hurts my heart
And I was wondering if I could sort of edit my character Amaya? Along with that, if you have a link to the archived version of this so I could look at my past posts would be great!


I have the archive stuff here:



Thank you!


Yay! Fairytaled is back! :grin:


:scream: My goodness that’s a lot XD
Thank you so much for posting this Ani! :smiley: I appreciate it :sneezing_face:

AHHHH I wanna tell you to join so much but your mental health should always be most important! Still, if you ever want to join, we’d love to have you! :hearts:

You got it! :smiley: I will try to get the archived links as soon as possible!
And you can totally drop Everette and edit Amaya! :heart:


:partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue: YAYYYYY!

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I was wondering if Conflicted was still on the forums. If not could I adopt Yasmin Ali and Hamilton/Hammy?

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