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Yeah, Jayden won’t be happy about it, especially not at first, but she’ll come around on it.
Oh I definitely expect it, and it will definitely be epic! I wonder which of the two he will meet first?
Matt is definitely a good friend, and wouldn’t want anybody to feel bad because of him. And yep we’re pretty much planning it all out.


X((( Poor Jayden! I hope they’ll eventually be super close, though.
XD IKR? We need this to happen ASAP XD (Random generator, maybe?) Or if he meets Camilla first she could get scared and try to get Jason’s help XDD
He is soooo amazing! XD We’re crazyyy


Yeah, I think once they get a chance to bond, they’ll become really close!
Definitely! I can’t wait. Yeah maybe if he meets Camilla first she would get Jason involved quickly.
We just can’t help it that we get excited about these great plans!


It’ll be the best :sob::sob::sob: I cannot wait!

True, that’s a good way to get all three together! :thinking::rofl:
Haha true :scream::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m seriously so hyped up


I can’t wait either!
Yep. It would get the three of them all together, and I bet it would make Jason more aggressive because of Camilla getting scared.
Yep! We have so many great plans. Now just to make the plans fall into place.


ILY times Infinity

Yayy thank you very much! Thank you xD


Does anyone have any ideas for girl names?


I like behindthename.com and nameberry.com :no_mouth: It actually kinda concerns me what my history is. Could someone die from being stabbed in the stomach? What does (name) mean? Supernatural creatures. How to kill a Shinigami?


Name || Daisuke | 大輔

Son of || Shinigami

Age || 19

Sexuality || Unknown

:exclamation: TW: Racisim, Depression and Anxiety, Verbal and Emotional Abuse :exclamation:

Backstory || Daisuke’s mother was gorgeous and kind in every way in each and every aspect of her life. A rare combination, so no wonder she attracted a death god, or a shinigami. His father, biological father was a very jealous man and was involved with a serious branch of criminals, a group of bōryokudan who were connected to the Yukaza (Japanese Mafia). Daisuke’s father, Aiko was a rather selfish and controlling man to say the least. His parents had married because Aiko had threatened his mother, Akemi, death if she didn’t agree for her and her entire family. That’s when his father became connected with a Yukaza. Daisuke’s mother, during that time had a secret fling with a man named “Kami”, who was secretly a shinigami who had come to interact with the human world. Akemi broke it off in order to marry Aiko, was engaged and married within a month at the young age of twenty-two, meanwhile Aiko was thirty. She had Daisuke after intense pressure from Aiko to produce a male child. Aiko had taken the two females that Akemi had birthed and had sent them away to relatives or adoptive parents who were more than eager to finally have a child of their own. When she turned twenty-eight, Akemi had given birth to Daisuke who would be raised in wealth and luxury due to the money that flowed in from the Yukaza.

As a way to cretae a rift in the family, a former bōryokudan member who was angry he wasn’t paid fairly and instead threatened produced results of Daisuke not being Aiko’s biological father. Aiko began to drink and have anger issues as rumors floated around that Akemi was unfaithful. That’s when the abuse started. At first it was simply verbal to Daisuke, insults, calling him homophobic remarks and being rather cruel. Insults replaced Daisuke’s name in his father’s mouth. Than it was throwing things, if Aiko got angry he threw at Daisuke whatever he had in his hand, be it pencil or pan. Daisuke often got bruises that required him to cover up his face with makeup. When Daisuke turned fifteen, his mother took him and left the house, left Japan and traveled to distant relatives in America. Unfortunately, Aiko’s connections with the Yukaza enabled him to search for them, making them constantly on the run and moving.

During all that, Daisuke was also dealing with bullies at school. It was 1943 when Daisuke arrived in America, two years after the attack on pear harbor. Needless to say, for the kids at his school, he was free game. Name calling, taunts, teases, physical fights, they all broke out against Daisuke- and even the teachers were too prejudiced to even attempt to help him, often telling him, “They’re only kids,” and “They’re just joking.” The mental and sometimes physical abuse put a physical strain on him Daisuke’s strain contributed to his anxiety and clinical depression. His mother tried her best, calling the school, screaming at the district officers but no one was willing to listen a Japanese woman at that time. Daisuke one night, cried out to the moon asking why his life was like this. His father, Kami, responded and that night Daisuke met his heritage.

The next year when he was 18, he no longer paid attention the bullies and ignored their attempts to demean him as he grew into his abilities and power. It was all going well. Then, Daisuke died as of April 3rd, 1944 and his spirit ended up in the land of Mu where he embraced his heritage and became a true and full Shinigami. Making deals with mortals and leading them to demise.

Personality || Daisuke is a reserved and proper person with loyalty to his friends and family. He often speaks in a more proper way due to time changes and English being difficult. He is kind although distant and had very little passion or drive for anything new rather sticking to the familiar and what he knows. He is a thoughtful person and often th inks deeply before he says things. He isn’t proud and is instead down to earth and very humble, he isn’t really perceptive but he definitely isn’t an idiot as well. He is honest, but unlike others sugarcoats his words to avoid hurting anyone and is very firm in his beliefs in morality. He isn’t tricky but knows how to lie smoothly, practiced and perfect from his years running from his father and the Yukaza. He is very close with his biological father, Kami. He is steadfast in his beliefs and cannot be easily swayed, and instead him himself is persuasive. He carries his duties out in a firm swiftness in order to maintain the balance of life on earth. He holds a lot of self-respect and diginity and if you want something done, he’ll get it done for you.

Faceclaim ||

Favorite Subject || Socratic and Debates


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :scream::scream::scream:
True, we need Jason at maximum aggression :smirk::joy: I al most feel bad for Mason :flushed::rofl:
Yes :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: they will soon enough heheheh

BUT… I love you 3000

Of course! :slight_smile: Yeeeeeeeeeee

I’ll be right on that! :star_struck:

Oh heck yeah…
Lemme just tell you I went straight from FC to sexuality :joy: he’s so attractive, especially with that hair!
Okay I’m adding his Dad to my hit list but I really love his Mom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face:
I got so scared when he DIED lol
I would die for this man :joy::joy::joy:




That’s what I thought, but I don’t think it is :sob:
He’s an actor from a Japanese Drama!


NAW don’t hurt me :’<


Ooh, I have a thing for names! What letter do you want it to be? What is your character like (personality)?


I know, I’m still hurting :broken_heart:


Haven’t gotten that far lmao


Okie so which one should I use for a daughter of the big bad wolf? =P





  • No.1
  • No.2
  • No.3
  • Keep lookiiiing

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Is the name Elize or Elise or Elisa taken? I would look it up but good it’s a lot of faceclaims in these FC links


I like 1 and 2


No.1. looks more sinister than any other wolf so if you’re going for somebody who is an offspring of a wolf that was nicknamed bad, that’s the one oyu should consider


I’m so sorry, I thought I already didn’t approve this, this parent is unavailable :sweat_smile:
If you want, you can have the daughter of a werewolf, though!

I do not think so!