Family Friendly Video Games

There are many games out there that are not family-friendly that kids play nowadays but some companies made games that are suited for both parents and children to play together. This made it easier for parents to enjoy games with their young ones which helped with family bonding. Here are some family-friendly games that I know about.

  • Wizard101 By Kingsisle is a family-oriented game that the Kingsisle gaming company came up with. You are a wizard who is pulled into the mystical world called the Spiral. You are accepted into a school Ravenwood which has asked you to help save the Spiral from dark forces. This game is a pay-to-play game but it has multiple child protection barriers in place.

  • Mario Party By Nintendo. I have played these games since I was young. They are similar to board games with little mini-games connected to them. I love it because the characters they use are from the Mario Universe. I haven’t played this game in ages though because I don’t have the newest console.

  • Disney Universe by Disney Interactive Studios and Eurocom. This is a fun game that Disney came out with where you can play with any members of your family with. It goes over all the core Disney characters plus the different movie universes too. You are to help save a new gaming world from a virus basically that is taking over the different worlds.

These are lists of other family-friendly games.

Do you have any family-friendly games you like to play?