Famous Authors Promoting Smaller Authors' Work: Does it Help?

Obviously, famous authors have tons of followers, so that means that if a famous author promotes a smaller author’s story, more people will see it, right?

True, but is it really an effective way to gain more readers?

Here’s my opinion on this.

First of all, it really depends on how the story is promoted. If the famous author just gives them a simple shoutout and posts the cover of that story, most followers probably won’t pay that much attention to it. After all, they’re following that author for their content, aren’t they?

Secondly, someone might see the story being promoted and check it out, but if the story is boring, full of errors, badly written, or bland, potential readers might abandon it after the first chapter— or even the first scene.

However, if the famous author actually recommends that story, shares a positive review, and screenshots, then it might actually help the smaller author gain new readers. Not necessarily because someone “famous” is promoting it, but mainly because that author has a large following, meaning that more people will see those amazing reviews and compelling screenshots of a story that’s worth reading.

In conclusion, it depends on how the author promotes the story, and how good the story actually is.

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