Favorite and least favorite scenes to write

Favorite: Fun dialogue exchanges between characters, or when they’re just ranting about random things. Family interactions!

Least favorite: “Transition” dialogues to end one scene or start another.

What about everyone else?


I actually really don’t like seeing simple dialogue scenes, because they don’t have events to help me think about what’s going on :eyes:

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Favourite: When I have to write dialogues for the BFF who’s too interested in the MC’s sex/romantic life lol

Those are really hilarious

Favorite: romance/fights

Least favorite: small talk :nauseated_face:

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Added some tags! :sparkles:

Ooh, I hate small talk. I prefer deep conversations that last for a while. All that, “Hey, how are you doing?” “I’m good, and you?” “Good” has got to go.:point_up:t4:

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Romance and sad scenes are my favorite to write! I’m just a hopeless romantic and very sensitive and emotional so that’s really easy for me, I quite enjoy it!

But least favorite? I don’t know. I don’t write something I don’t like

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I absolutely hate writing Romance Scenes. Ones where they’re already a couple and there’s no embarrassing conversations or blushing, or shying away from something.
Which is funny because I love writing scenes where it’s very obvious that the two like each other, or one likes the other, but no feelings have been discussed yet.

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What scenes do you absolutely love writing, and which scenes feel like a chore to you, @Writers?
I love writing scenes where there is a big reveal, or something crucial happens in the story.
I don’t like writing small talk.

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Time skips. I really don’t like writing them. Conversation and descriptions, intros and settings are fine, but doing small or large time skips between scenes, I can’t stand them. SIGH!


Maybe Eualya will change this :smirk:

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I can’t seem to get a hang on multi-paragraphs, descriptions, and starting a thread. I don’t mind doing dialogue and everything else.

Starting a thread?

Tense conversations and time-skips.

Least favorite, small talk. It feels like filler to me.