Favorite and/or Best Game Designs

Lol it’s technically a board game just for the floor instead.

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Too modern, no rule explanation on one of them


Ah okay, I can see where that would be annoying. Have you tried the app versions of the games?

Life is strange og and BTS <33

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Yes, much better ‘cause they’re based on the original

Yep, I have them on my phone. They are fun to play. I wonder if we can connect ours?

i mentioned a game that i like the design of…

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You’re talking about the app called Life is Strange, right? What is the BTS part though?

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It’s one of the LiS games lol, in full ‘Before the Storm’ which is about Chloe and Rachel and it’sset before the og game

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Oh okay, I’ve only tried the Life is Strange one from that group.

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