Favorite Book Titles?

So, out of the many books I have read there is only a hand full that I actually love. Only couple of adult books makes it on this list. Most are books from my younger years.

  • Guardians of the Ga’Hoole Book Titles - the reason I love these titles is because each title symbolizes what happens in the book. Each title represents a fundamental part of the story but plainly explains it without using so many words. I suggest you read the series. This is only two titles from the series.

    • The Gathering: Symbolizes what happens to Soren in the book when he separated from his family.
    • The Journey: Symbollizes the group of friends to find a safe place they’ve heard about it in stories.
  • Warriors (Warrior Cats) - Another series that uses symbolism in the title as well. This series is similar to the Guardians story by how the title is setup. Though I would say that they both represent two different ways of writing.

    • Into the Wild: Represents Rusty leaving his home to live in the forest.
    • Fire and Ice : Represents the turmoil of betrayal and fighting for what matters.
  • Love at Stake Series - I love the titles in this series because they tie into the comical side of the books. One of the couple of Adult book titles I love.

    • Eat, Prey, Love: This title is a play on words plus comical because of the movie with a similar name. Although this story revolves around Vampires, shape shifters and so on. So, Prey part is actually referring to a shapeshifter story.
  • Jaz Park Series - Another series that uses symbolism in it’s title. Very good story by the way!
    * Once Bitten Twice Shy: relating to the main character getting pulled into the supernatural world. She ends up with some major trust issues too.
    * Another One Bites the Dust: Referring to Vampires plus Jaz getting past a familiar foe.

What are your favorite titles?


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There are a lot of books with really good titles! I know the translation isn’t always the same but I really love Girl with a pearl earring, The Virgin Blue, Because I love you (for some reason the real English version of this book is Lost and Found and I don’t like it), Call me by your name…

My favourite book titles are from the Flavia de Luce series, written by Alan Bradley. He uses lines from poems or other works of literature from the past for the titles. I find this really cool because the titles end up being really obscure, yet always have something to do with the plot of the novel. Some of the titles include The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, taken from The Art of Cookery by William King (published in 1708), and Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d, taken from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth


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Eleanor and Park
In Shadow of the Blackbirds
Here Comes Hellen

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  • Lord of the Rings
  • Bring Up the Bodies
  • Glory and Liberty (wattpad)
  • The Great Godden
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They both die at the end… It’s such a perfect title


Lol that is funny!

The song of Achilles, it’s just so pretty
I’ll give you the sun
Shatter me

A Trip to the Stars