Favourite anime outfit?

Do you have favourite anime outfits?
Share them here with us! :sunglasses:

I don’t watch anime but I know there a lot of really cool and cute outfits so I can’t wait to see them!


Yeah ofc gimme a sec :blush::heart:

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Those are some fantasy outfits I particularly liked :

From a video game with anime artstyle, I would say those two:

God of war Bishamon in Noragami looks great like this in my opinion:

Mika in Owari no Seraph:


Here’s mine



I really like that 2nd one I can see myself wearing it :crazy_face:

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Agreed ! For reference, it’s Dorothea from Fire Emblem, after a timeskip happens. :wink:

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Gonna Cheat and put Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, and just leave all of her best outfits even though two of them never appeared in the anime xD




Luffy from One Piece has amazing outfits the whole way through, but his Enies Lobby outfit specifically is a personal fave with the baggier black shorts

Deku’s updated shoot style hero costume, specifically with the ranged attack gloves, but the anime isn’t quite there yet for his costume

Shana from Shakugan no Shana’s starting outfit, the pure black with trenchcoat contrasted with the blazing red hair and eyes

Guts’ full berserker armour from Berserk :eyes:

I think it may have become obvious where I take my inspiration designing characters


My favorite anime is FairyTale cause that was my first anime I watched

Haha they asked for favorite anime outfit. :laughing:

Dude I was half asleep when I saw this :sob::joy:


Mine would probably be an onyx black long cloak open in the front with purple diamond buttons. The hood would be down most of the time and a pattern of a silver fox on the back. A purple shirt and black pants with black boots to go with it. I would also where straps underneath my sleeves to hide knives and on my legs as well. I would also where an acoustic instrument on my back

What about the outfits (and character designs in general) from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? They’re quite creative !

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These are my favs:

image image

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#favourite tag added :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Yesss. Love Maka.