Favourite combat system

A combat system is basically the part of the game that entails everything combat related, so the fighting etc. The kind I am most accustomed to is ATB (active turn based) because I play Final Fantasy games! The final fantasy game I enjoy the combat for the most is 9, you get stronger by obviously, fighting monsters but you can learn passive and active abilities by giving your characters different weapons/equipment and grinding towards filling the AP for that ability. Many people find it difficult, the only really tricky aspect is that sometimes you need to use a bad weapon just to learn the ability but other than that it’s super easy and I haven’t even explained it in the best way :joy:

@Gamers what about you guys?


Genshin Impact
Ftw! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Umm… can my answer be watching people play their favourite combat system?

I still stand by mine being Final Fantasy 9 but after playing a lot of Bayonetta recently, I can say I really enjoy the extremely smooth, combo orientated combat in those games. It jusy feels extremely satisfying and while Bayo 2 is far easier imo it was still extremely fast and very enjoyable.

@Gamers come and share your favourite!