Favourite Films!

I didn’t realise this didn’t exist already!

I thought for sure it would already be a thing, but nope!

So, this is basic. What are your favourite films? I’ll limit it to three, but if you want to just pick one I’ll respect you lots!

Personally, I’ll pick the three instead of just one. My favourite live action film of all time is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It has all the stuff I love in film, down to the martial arts, action, thriller elements and a kickass soundtrack! The villain is amazing, terrifying and threatening but also deep and complex. The hero, similarly, is super complicated and likeable. Just. Mm. Everything about this film is gold.

My favourite animated film of all time is Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s just a basic Ghibli animated film about a witch who moves out to the country. She starts a flying broom delivery service and it’s incredibly adorable. Ghibli is known for taking pretty basic ideas and just filling them with emotion. I think Kiki’s Delivery Service does this the best personally!

And I think my favourite ‘I love this film’ film, due to nostalgia and just because I love it is probably Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It has a lot of the stuff I love about Winter Soldier, just falls short in terms of choreography and martial arts and stuff. But it has the terrifying villain with hidden depths, the flawed hero and his brilliant positive change arc, the tense atmosphere and almost thriller-like elements. Of course, the lightsaber duel at the end followed by the most famous quote of all time is amazing too!

So what’s your favourite film? Let’s gush together!


The Breakfast Club or Boys in the Hood. Waiting to Exhale is another great one!


It has to be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for me! You know it’s a toss-up between that and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but that’s because I was in it. Plus, Half-Blood Prince is the year that shows off the quintessential Hogwarts experience for me


Half Blood Prince is so gooooooooood!

Draco’s theme :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Also, @chococarmela Breakfast Club is great :3


Harry Potter Series
Interview with A Vampire
World War Z
All Avengers Movie Series
Underworld Series
Dracula Untold
Transformers Movie Series
12 Years A Slave
Django (I think)
Twilight Series
Live Free or Die Hard
Pirates of The Caribbean Movie Series
Cinderella Movie with Brandy & Whiteny
Rush Hour Movie Series
The Sorcerer and the white snake
Day After Tomorrow
San Andreas
No Escape
You Lucky Dog
All Ghibli animated films

sooooooo many fav films…(Imma keep going…XDDD)


My favorite movie is the new version of Beauty and the Beast. I just love the songs and the outfits and the plot and just all of it.

Other movies I like are Aladdin and the Star Wars Series. But overall I just like almost all romcoms and love stories.

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Dang :o That is a ton!

Harry Potter, obvs, landmark cinema and all that.

Interview with a Vampire with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt? And um. Kirsten Dunst I think was the little girl. I haven’t seen that in years!

World War Z was pretty good, I prefer the book? But the film is awesome in terms of spectacle!

Obviously I’m a huge MCU fanboy xD

Vanhellsing with Hugh Jackman? :eyes: that film has boobies I’m not allowed to watch it.

I haven’t seen Underworld in years either, I remember the action being amazing though.

Dracula Untold is great! Weird, but great! It’s such an awesome modern take on the vampire myth that’s been pretty stagnant for the past decade or so. It was nice to see a fresh interesting take!

Autobots. Transform, and roll out

Eragon the film? Interesting. I love Jeremy Irons so I can’t complain :o

Twilight eh :smirk:

I’m a huge fan of the Pirates films too. I love the first three, the ones after are a bit meeeeeeeh but those first three

Rush Hour and Shaolin. Martial arts films, right up my alley >.<

And yeah, Ghibli is amazing. Can’t really argue there.

What a list, I couldn’t even touch on everything :smiley:


I wasn’t a fan of the new Beauty and the Beast personally, but I can agree the outfits and general aesthetic is gorgeous. I especially loved the castle and the furniture!


bionicle mask of light

I love that movie saw it yeasterday


oml Bionicle? I used to adore those toys, and I remember Mask of Light being super good as well xD

They were the coolest thing ever when I was younger, way out my price range but I wanted them so bad :sob:


I really liked Dunkirk. That was a really good movie.


Ooo, agreed.

Dunkirk was definitely worth the watch


Never had any of the toys. I am Danish and never had any Lego that is just so wrong. I have the video games though


The Bionicle games?

I never had the money for them >.< And by the time we could get them I wasn’t really into it anymore. I played a few demos though, they were super cool looking

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I can’t pick any that’s live action. ;__; Can I say any animated ones?


Yeah! Just gush about your favourite films, say as much as you want! :smiley:

I put an animated one >.<


Into the Spider Verse. Best animation of all time.


It took 2 years to make 6 seconds of the train scene. Wow.


Yup, easily. It’s the most interesting, unique and fresh work of animation in decades. I love the look of that film.

Not to mention the story, characters, writing, etc. are all way beyond top notch


why? LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: