Favourite Films!

My favourite film ever is Labyrinth with David Bowie as the goblin king. I’ve loved it ever since I was young but most people I’ve met don’t even know what it is :sweat_smile:. It cheers me up on bad days.

A runner up is the exorcist which is my favourite horror movie. The use of Mike Oldfields tubular bells is amazing. In music my teacher was playing “guess the song from the movie” and I guessed most of them correctly :joy:. I got tubular bells about 0.01 seconds into it. I knew the song before I saw the movie but my Dad had always told me about it being in it, obviously I was too young to watch but I bought it on my 14th birthday and loved it.

The next one is Airplane because that’s my favourite kind of comedy.


Tubular Bells :heart: I know what you mean.

God, I LOVE Labyrinth! That’s one of those films I’ve watched again and again my whole life :smiley: I mean, that’s fair enough when you get David Bowie to do the music. That’s just brilliant

Airplane is brilliant, too, to be fair. Hilarious xD

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I have two.

So I guess my most favorite is High Fidelity. John Cusack :heart: Jack Black is a nice addition. I loved how well the breaking-of-the-4th-wall was done, plus mature struggles in relationships and the soundtrack is gold, still listen to it.

Then probably Get Him to the Greek. It’s hilarious AF, but at the same time it shows how people deal with depression, and the last 10 minutes of the movie make me cry. And the soundtrack is epic xD

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Soundtrack nerd perks up Soundtrack?

didn’t get the question xD cookie had a few

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I was just subtly hinting that I love soundtracks :>

I don’t have 7000 tracks worth of lost money on my phone because of film, game and anime soundtracks or anything

This is just a combo of warm old tracks. ^^

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Oh my

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Way too many to list but a random few…

Smokey and the Bandit
Fast and Furious collection (mainly 1-7, eight wasn’t the same)
Never Back Down
Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (yes I am a fan, not sorry, he’s a good actor, she’s not :woman_shrugging:)
Gone In 60 Seconds

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Caspian :eyes:

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My top faves :star_struck:

  • Interstellar
  • Bird Box
  • The Perfect Date
  • Χτυποκάρδια στο θρανίο (It’s an old greek movie, super amazing :heart_eyes:)

Fun Fact
I recently watched titanic for the first time because i thought it was bad… It’s amazing!



Some of the movies I watched recently and liked immensely: (in no particular order)

1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
2. Love, Simon :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:
3. Get Out
4. The Greatest Showman
5. Game Night


My favorite movie is probably somewhere along the lines of:

  • The Titanic

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

  • Batman Begins

  • The Dark Knight


Mmmm Dark Knight is very good.


I wouldn’t say favorite, but there are some movies that weren’t bad at all:

  • My Sister’s Keeper
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Rush Hour
  • The New World
  • Zombieland
  • Truth or Dare
  • A Borrowed Identity (or Dancing Arabs)
  • Flawless (or Ha’Neshef, The Prom)

All Disney’s animated movies especially princess and the frog :heart:
Harry Potter
Fantastic beasts and where to find them
The mummy

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I just watched The Guardians of The Galaxy again yesterday and like…wow. I forgot how much I loved that movie tbh. Definitely one of my favorites. :heart_eyes:

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It’s a tv show technically but they sale like a movie most of the time. Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth version. I love it!


FilBump :sunglasses::tv:

I’ll say the Great Gasby as well.