Favourite Films!

mine and I love them. Danish childhood. love this movies so much.

the last on here I could not find a trailer but a lot of the song are in english






That is very true!


I recently got an app called Taste. Basically you rate movies, it also suggests some movies you might like based on your ratings.
Here are some movies I gave the highest rating.

Hachi. A Dog’s Tale - everyone should watch it and cry a bit.

Eurotrip (16+) It’s old, but dare I say classic movie, that is hilarious and never gets old.

Law Abiding Citizen. Thriller, that makes you kinda think about morals and stuff.

The Mist. Horror. I loved the ending. It was shocking for me.

Melancholia. Depressing as sh*t, but good.

Ok, I’ll leave other movies for the next time.


FilBump :film_projector:

I’m gonna give this a giant bump as one of my tasks was to make a favourite film thread but one already exists :joy: therefore time for a longer post from me.

All of this is still true!

Recently I have been having a bit of a nostalgic throwback though, the movie “Short Circuits” was on TV the other day and it just reminded me of my obsession with the movie when I was younger.

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I love Avatar :heart_eyes::smiley:

It’s so creative and has a beautiful plot too! Can’t wait for the second one :sunglasses:
Life Of Pi is also one of my favourite movies, it’s so interesting and I can never get bored of it

It’s a wonder that Beauty and the Beast is still my favourite :joy: I used to never have a favourite movie or it changed every week.


Aghhh, I mean my memory is super bad so my favorite films are probably something I’ve watched recently that is good :joy:

I think that Spirited Away is a super awesome film :heart_eyes: It’s so magical and scary and satisfying to watch. I’ve watched some of the other Ghibli Studio movies but I honestly had hard to follow some lol. I think I started to watch one in the middle and I was just very confused. Totoro is super cute… But I kind of always stopped watching it halfway through because nothing happened lol.

Okay… then… Lord of the Rings :heart_eyes: I love that trilogy! It has its flaws… but no. I love it :raised_hands:t3:

I can’t remember any more movies at the moment… weird!

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The Lord of the Rings are great, but my favourites are Benny and Joon and Labyrinth.


Hm… I don’t think I’ve heard of the first one. And I can’t remember seeing the second one. :dizzy: And yes, The Lord of the Rings are great :heart_eyes:


Whaaat?! Johnny Depp in one and David Bowie in the other.


The life-action version of Beauty and the Beast is still my favourite one and Aladdin comes right after that but I’m not sure about the third one…I think right now it’s Pride and Prejudice, the one from 2005. It’s really great and I love the actors! I’ve watched the movie before reading the book and now I love both a lot. I guess it’s mostly the plot that makes me have that movie in my Top 3 :heart_eyes:

Thinking about it…Tangled should also be on that list…and How to Train Your Dragon! I can’t decide! :joy:

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Added opinion tag! :sparkles:

I really like Kiki’s delivery service :two_hearts:

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I want to watch it :pleading_face: I think I saw it a long time ago but I don’t remember it at all

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I don’t think I have a favorite I suck at picking favorites

But I do really like shrek 2 it’s such a rad film

I don’t have a favorite movie, but here are some I enjoy (in no particular order).

  1. Knives Out
  2. Tangled
    Undoubtedly the best Disney movie.
  3. Jojo Rabbit
  4. Titanic
    I wouldn’t say the movie is very great (plot wise), but I enjoy the music, visual effects, and costumes. “Draw me like one of your French girls” :woozy_face:
  5. Hamilton (the Disney+ pro-shot)
    I love Hamilton and this is much more affordable than paying 300 dollars for a halfway decent seat to see it in New York.
  6. Tim Burton movies
    Especially The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

The Finest Hours. Really enjoyed it, good production value, a true story about a crazy coastguard rescue. Surprised to learn after watching it was a Disney.

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