Fight or Flight?

Hey there, I’m Pandamonium! :panda_face: :heart:

Just like the name suggests, this thread is all about fight or flight scenarios! Post your best fight or flight scenario, and allow the next person to answer with either— :facepunch: (fight) or :running_man: :dash: / :running_woman: :dash: (flight), and why they chose their response. For example:

~ Person one: You see a semi truck raging towards you while walking across the street! What do you do?

~ Person two: :running_man: :dash: ! I’d flee because I don’t think I have much of a chance fighting a damn semi.

You’re sitting on the couch when you notice a spider crawling up your arm! What do you do?

~ Person three: :facepunch: ! I’d fight it because it’s a freaking spider! Gross!

Hopefully I’ve explained this in a way that makes sense. :crossed_fingers: If you have any questions feel free to ask! Alright, here’s my first fight or flight scenario:

You’re walking on the sidewalk, heading towards the supermarket, when all of a sudden…

A flying squirrel comes barreling towards you! What do you do? Do you fight— :facepunch: , or flight— :running_man: :dash: ?

If someone says they’d fight this poor squirrel, I swear to God lmao.


Umm flight duh! Do I really need to explain?

You’re in your house at midnight, sleeping, but a loud noise wakes you up. It’s a robber and he is holding a gun. Fight or flight?


Psh, that’s easy! :facepunch: ! I’d karate chop that sucker in the throat— not for trying to rob me, but for disturbing me while I’m sleeping.

Haha, totally kidding. He’d shoot my butt so quick lmao. I’d definitely flee! I’m not trying to die.

A random person comes up to you and says that you look like a foot. What do you do?


Is laugh an option? Flight. Like I’d waste my time on some rando dude.

A random person asks you to marry them. Fight or flight? (or marry?)


Hm, I’m gonna be daring and say marry! I mean, why not? Life’s too short to not take risks. Plus, It’s not like I have many others trying to put a ring on it haha.

Seriously though, I’d flee. If you’d sincerely ask a random stranger to marry you, I’d question where your mental state is lmao.

Someone throws a moldy potato at you while you’re enjoying a meal with your friend. What do you do?

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Throw it at the their face, aiming for the nose and if they run away before I get to throw it I’ll run and attack them.

The Rando who gives you you food at The drive thru gives you your order and an extra meal. What do you do?


Flee duh. Before he understands what he’s done lol

Your classmate/coworker throws a punch at you out of the blue. Fight or flight?

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Flight. Im not a very strong person

Your grandma puts ketchup on

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Stare at her and say " what are you doing? "

we don’t eat ketchup in Australia we have tomato sauce but id do the same thing either way

A man walks up to you and offers you lollie/candy/sweets. Fight or Flight

Fight. I’d kick his testicles and ram his head into a wall and call the police.

A kidnapping his happening in school and your next on the list. Fight or Flight.

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fight. I’d have a piece of paper in my hand that already says “The number plate is…Help!”
then with the pen thats in my pocket write it down as we are getting to their big white van

A female teacher comes up to you and starts pulling down you skirt. Fight or Flight?

This happened to me and I just stared at her and then she was like “your skirt ws uneven " and I was thinking " why didn’t you just tell me? I can adjust my own skirt, there’s no need to touch me” and I’ve never had this teacher in my life

Flight. If I were to hit the teacher, I’d get punished, so I’ll push her hands off and run and try my best to avoid that teacher.

The kitchen is on fire and your pet is inside. Fight or Flight

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well I guess we’ll be having roast for dinner then, jk i’d probably call the fireman/woman people because I live in a rural and bushy area and grab all the pets ( I have 6 ) and warn everybody so I guess that’ll be fight and grab my stuffed animal ( don’t judge we’ve been thru a lot )

There is a snake in your toilet. Fight or flight?

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Scream!!! Then flight, get the heck out of my house, and call someone to get it out of there!

A former friend that you don’t talk to anymore comes up to you out of the blue, starts insulting you and telling you that you’re ugly and makes fun of your outfit and hair. Fight or flight?

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I mean in real life I would probably start crying and flight.

A wrestler wants to challenge you and the winner gets 3,000 dollars. Fight or Flight?

:running_man: :dash: ! I’d flee. I mean, I could definitely use that money, but I doubt that I could beat a professional wrestler haha.

You’re walking home from a friend’s house late at night, when you turn the corner and see this clown just standing in an empty street:

What do you do? :clown_face:


Flight flight run away from that

You find a stray cat that looks aggressive. What do you do?


FIght it duh! I didn’t get a black belt in karate for nothing :smiley: :hocho:

Adopt it :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

@ChaoticDeluge approaches you and he looks very angry. What do you do? :eyes::eyes:


run :eyes:

you meet another forumer on the streets?

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