Films about sexuality throughout history

I managed to find a website that lists quite a few films that cover sexuality throughout history, some are old and some are modern but about sexuality historically. Now when I say sexuality they mainly only explore homosexuality, this can be for many reasons, with the older movies it can literally just be because other sexualities didn’t have names yet, it’s not that they didn’t exist and more that they just didn’t have a name and weren’t really recognised.

There are also worse reasons than that for example gay people just being fetishised. It’s also important to remember what was happening in the places the movies were made so you can see in general where people stood with LGBTQ+ rights.

And of course there is always the issue of people thinking other sexualities don’t exist even when they do have names :joy: but yeah all of the movies on this list are about homosexuality through history and while that is rad I do just wanna preface that the list doesn’t include all sexualities.

So maybe you guys could add some :eyes: