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Final Destination

What was thought to be normal day that began like any other, suddenly took an unfortunate turn. An accident occurred, resulting in mass casualties. Everyone involved died. That is, except for a select few who were warned by one of the group. That person somehow knew what was about to happen, saying that they saw it happen, and saw everyone die.

Thanks to that one person, some survived. Time went on, and soon enough, one of the survivors died in a freak accident, then another, as they began to uncover clues telling them how they were going to die this time. They all survived an event that was meant to kill them. They changed Death’s design, but Death always finds a way.

This SG will take place beginning with a mass casualty event killing the characters, which turns out to be a character seeing a vision of what was about to happen, allowing the characters to avoid dying in the real event.
Then, the characters will begin to receive hints as to how the next character on the list will die, so they can attempt to save each other.
That character will be chosen at random along with the order in which the characters die.
There will be a chance for a few characters to survive in the end, but most will die.

I had thought about making this an RP/SG, and wanted to, but in the end I felt it best to make it a full SG. However, especially at certain points, I encourage you to discuss what your character/s would do and say and how they would respond to the others and their situation. (At a few points I may write the part of the SG based directly on your conversation of what the characters will do.)

Please Reserve before submitting.
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So I’ve got one more question as I’m finalizing the mass casualty event, and prepare to open signups.

Which sounds better?

  • A group of mostly teens
  • College age students
  • Entirely random mix of ages

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Personally I recommend the teens or college students. Even with the teens a couple of adults can be included as well though. Each choice has its own benefits.


I’m going to reserve for 1 character :hugs:


Sounds great


I’ll reserve 1 character for now!

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Sounds good!

I guess I’ll have to drop my char here :thinking:

Roman Bowden

Name: Roman Bowden
Age: 25
Height: 6.1
Sexuality: bisexual
Likes: skateboarding, partying hard, hanging out with his friends and teasing
Dislikes: studying and wasting time on people not worth of his attention and commitment.

Backstory: he’s a bit of a bad boy but he hasn’t got a tragic past. Just a normal life surrounded by love and affection. Despite all that he likes to express himself in his own way so he never really listened and respected the rules.
He has nothing remarkable in his past that made him who he is, he is just is own person.

Personality: a rulebreaker, a hot headed guy. This is who Roman is, he doesn’t like to listen and stay quiet so don’t be surprised if he snaps back and is mean.
He likes to tease and annoy the people that he’s captivated by.
He’s always up for some fun so don’t try to stop him, instead go with the flow.

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Haven’t opened the signup form yet cause I’m finalizing a couple things, so when I open that I do have to ask you to submit the information there so that way I can have all the characters’ info the same way. (And please make sure to add more detail to the personality, and the background especially, when the form opens too so I can better write for him)


Why do I do this to myself when I have zero motivation for character creation?

Reserve 1 Character! (for now - we’ll see)


Because you can’t help it. And because, via our telepathic abilities, you knew I’d make a character too.
I’ll reserve one girl :grin:

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Looking forward to seeing her

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And now I will drop my reserve

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I’m still keeping my character. I was planning on joining before you showed up -_-

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Well you need to stop invading my MIND space

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Oh my, are we STILL on that? You just finished an 18 page essay, your mind is certainly large enough for my to take up a LITTLE bit of room.

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Fine. We’ll coexist woman

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Reserve 1 character for now, pleaseee


Does that mean you’ll still make a character?

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