Final Fantasy VII Remake

So I wanted to make a thread about the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s been fresh in my mind since I’ve been playing a lot of it recently! It’s also a fairly new release, which is always good! So let’s have a little chat about this,

For one, it’s a fantastic game. Genius in a lot of ways, but also scary. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little apprehensive for the future. A remake of a game from 23 years ago is always going to come with its ups and downs. For one, the story only covers about a fifth of the story of the original. This means certain parts are padded a little too much while others are fleshed out to a wonderful degree. There are also a lot of changes.

So, first of all, Final Fantasy VII. Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was a lot of people’s first experience with the legendary Final Fantasy series. It was a lot of people’s first experience with JRPGs as well, though nowadays you have games like Dragon Quest, Persona and the like to scratch that tch, back then it was really Final Fantasy and Pokemon that boomed in the west. Final Fantasy VII exploded in ways no-one could ever have predicted. It had a massive, insane cultural impact and shaped gaming as a whole after its release.

So of course the remake was going to turn some heads. I can give a few tips to enjoying it, though, to hopefully ease the experience a little for those wanting to get into it!

Tip 1: This Game Does Not Replace the Original

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind, is that this game is not a replacement for the original Final Fantasy VII. While the themes, story beats and messages are all still there, it is a very different game. There are entirely new story segments, new characters, arcs and completely different gameplay. It adds on to the original in a way that completely redefines what a remake can be. However, you also don’t need to play the original to understand this game, which is also good. They compliment each other while never rendering the other pointless, it strikes a wonderful balance.

Tip 2: Despite Being Part 1 of At Least 3, This is a Full Game

As I mentioned, this remake only covers around a fifth of the original FFVII story. As such, a lot of people were wondering if this game actually had the content to make it worth the full purchase. Or whether to approach it as part one of a greater whole. I feel that would be an insult to the care, effort, and craft put into this game. It is absolutely a full game in its own right. You can easily sink 70-100 hours into this game if you go for completion to any degree or want to face off against the harder bosses and encounters of the game. Don’t treat it as part one!

Tip 3: This is an Action Game, First and Foremost

Arguably the most important tip I can give is that while there are real-time strategy elements to FFVIIR, it is an action game first and foremost. It can be easy to get into a habit of stopping time to make decisions, but the game fully expects you to use this sparingly. Positioning properly, making proper use of blocking and buffing, and understanding how mechanics like elemental weaknesses and stagger works is far more important!

Hopefully these little tips help anyone who was interested or on the fence have a better experience with FFVIIR! It us truly a wonderful experience, it exceeded my expectations and completely blew me away!


FINALLY! It has been made… now when am I going to get to watch it get played again?

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Soon :eyes:

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When? 'Cause i can’t really comment here until I do…

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How about tonight? :smile:

I’d be down for that!

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Hmm… it’s Sunday for me… so not sure, sorry. Plus, you should be art-ing.

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Tru tru :eyes:

Soon, either way :3

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And I’m still waiting. HAHAHA

Has anyone played this or wanting to play this?



I’ve never heard of this game 'til now :eyes:

Is it on PC/laptop or is it one of those console games?
Also, is this one of those like shooting games where you kill monsters and such?

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I believe it is on both, but I’m not totally. I think @ChaoticDeluge would best to answer that.

It’s sort of dark fantasy where the character completes quests and yes, fights creatures with magic and various weapons.


I wish I could play these games but they are not available for xbox series.




Yeah, it was the same for Kingdom Hearts game series too. Oh well, I watched the movies instead. I played Fable instead which was a good alternative to Final Fantasy.


PS4 Exclusive, unfortunately!

I’d say this for a few of them, but the best of Final Fantasy does unfortunately soar way ahead of the best of Fable. And FFVII Remake is among the very best


Yeah, that is very true!


So @gamers, I was just wondering if you’ve played this game? And if you haven’t, do you think @ChaoticDeluge should play it again so that I can see Johnny? (heart_eyes)