Find your Episode Beta Readers here!

As we know, beta readers are also important especially in a platform like Episode! So, if you want some feedbacks before you publish your work, just come here and ask people to read your raw work for a good review.

@Episodians and @Writers, hello. If you want to be a beta reader some time, make sure to put this thread on watching :white_heart:


How can I get beta readers for a new episode?


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You can look for them here, or maybe tag them! Or to gain more audience, you can also make another thread specifically for that if you want :3

But what about if I need a specific episode read? How do I do it?

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Ooh I don’t know if that’s possible, I’m sorry! Perhaps I can tag @WritingWithStars-

I’m so sorry for tagging you

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You can skip through each of the episodes until there’s a specific one you want people to see (although that involves some coding) or you can go on a phone and screen record you playing it yourself and upload the video to YouTube and make it unlisted and then send the person you want to see the link.

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Ooh, I need this in my life!
But do beta readers usually only check for directing errors, or has anyone had a beta reader that actually gave them feedback on dialogue, characters, and plot?