Finding the right audience to promote your story on

When it comes topromoting your story, there are many, many ways to do it. You probably know them off by heart. You’ve probably tried at least a few of them.
But here’s the real thing to watch out for: Audience

You wouldn’t promote an 18+ story to preschoolers
Likewise you wouldn’t promote a picture book to your adult audience.

However, when it comes to finding the right audience, there can be a number of things you need to take into account, including:

  • Genre
  • Style of writing
  • Platform on which you are promoting
  • Age appropriate language and themes
  • Specific themes


Everyone has a preferred genre. Fantasy lovers might not like a crime thriller. Classic lovers may not like sci-fi. It’s best to scope out the genre which your target audience prefers before spending time and/or money trying to promote your story to them

Style of Writing

Believe it or not, this also matters.
Some people hate stories with long, descriptive and wordy sentences. Others love them, and scour their bookshelves to find stories containing them. Likewise, your range of vocabulary will enthrall some, confuse others, and bore more.
As well as that, many people have preferences on what tense or pov you use. I love first person styled books, but some others hate them. It’s all up to the individual, but even then, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a group of people who share similar opinions on this point


This one’s relatively easy.
I wouldn’t recommend advertising your story on a site designed for gaming.
I would advise it on a site designed for writing, or better yet, sharing your work, both of which Shanniiwrites is.


Like my earlier point, make sure you look through your story to try and make a fair judge on which age group it is appropriate for. Here’s a very rough guide lol.

0-6) - no bad stuff whatsoever. The worst things you could really talk about are getting lost or a minor injury/illness. Even then in moderation. Simple language. No profanity.
7-10) - Moderate bad stuff. Injuries are permitted, as well as childhood issues like bullying or mild anxiety. No mentions of sex. Maybe some minor relationships or mentions of them. No profanity.
11-12) - Very mild profanity, in very rare cases. Moderate darker themes, but don’t over-focus on them. No sex. No severe trauma inducing events.
Pg13) - Think what’s allowed on the forums
15+) - Sex and stuff is fine, but not in detail. Profanity is fine. Gore and injury description fine, but keep it a bit limited or it’s just gross.
18+) - Avoid mushy stuff. Other than that anything goes ig


This one’s also pretty simple. You wouldn’t promote a story about death and destruction and depressing themes to someone looking for light and mushy. It’s best to ask to find out that kind of info tho.

But how do I know?

I recommend asking people, honestly. In a place like here make polls, in places like discord or some other social media ask questions and get feel for the audience you’re about to promote to.

What do you guys think about this?
Do you take these things into consideration when promoting your stories?
Any other advice pieces you could add?

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I try to not promote my story to someone who really dislikes the genre. For example in a discord group of people who only like horror stories, I wouldn’t try to promote my romance stories :sweat_smile: But I have to admit that if there’s one person who says that they’d try a romance story even if they normally don’t enjoy reading that, I’d suggest my story :sweat_smile:

I think that especially with online publishing, you need all the promotion you can get and there’s not that much time to make sure it always gets to the right audience. But I think it’s important to be open about your story. So, don’t write that your story is a comedy just because you know the audience you have now likes comedy but your story is actually mystery :sweat_smile:

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@Writers How did you find the right audience to promote your story on?

I just realised how important the age-appropriate language can be in certain countries because they are super strict on this :sweat_smile: When I was younger, it wasn’t like this at all. Nobody cared if there were (mild) swear words in your work or the ads. It even seemed cooler if something wasn’t age-appropriate for me, I wanted to read it even more :joy:

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Think about who u r writing the book/story for?

Is it for a specific age group?
Specific interest ect…

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