Flesh Out Your Characters

Question Ten:

On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?

Please make sure you remember to post a hidden image of your character with every question answered, just so I can easily be reminded of the character each time. (wink)

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Mira Edwards


Lip gloss, allergy medicine, keys, a Post-It note with reminders… however, she’s pretty organized so she keeps most things in her purse.

Ellie Campos-Assaf


Headache medicine, keys, a hair tie, a broken acrylic nail that she might want to temporarily fix with nail glue until she goes to the salon…


I’m going to do Akame Nakamoto from Mystic Lake Academy.



Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong


Yes, you should. I’ll continue linking all the questions to the OP for you.

Wow. That’s a decent amount in her pockets.

HEHEHE. This was a cute detail to add. Love it.

She’s pretty.

The first five questions are linked to the OP, and I’ll do the other 5 now. Answer whichever ones you want.


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Akane Nakamoto



Akane really only has ever had her mother. She never knew her father and she and her mother always had to stay hidden.


There are 10 questions if you want to quote them in one post and answer them for your character.

Also, @RPers, if you want to answer these questions for any of your characters, you can. (wink)


Question Eleven:

What makes your character most vulnerable? Tell about a time they couldn’t hide, and their vulnerability was exposed.

Please make sure you remember to post a hidden image of your character with every question answered, just so I can easily be reminded of the character each time. (wink)

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Andrea Abelle

Question 8:

Andrea tries to avoid arguments and fights when possible. She uses logic and reason with her words, staying calm to try and keep the situation from escalating in the first place. If a situation escalates into a physical fight, she specifically looks for any weaknesses that she can take advantage of.

Ajax Taylor

World: Modern Fantasy?

Question 2:

Ajax would go back home to where he grew up, that way he could visit his mom. He has only seen her a handful of times in seven years to keep from putting her in danger. There isn’t really anywhere else he would want to go specifically, but maybe Olympus if he had the ability to.

Question 6:

Other than any various little nicknames his mother would call him occasionally, Ajax doesn’t really have any specific ones. He has been called Jax before, and there was one person who referred to Ajax as “soap”

Question 7:

Technically, he has never had an actual job. However he practically runs the camp. As the Zeus cabin leader, and camp leader, he has a lot of responsibilities.

Question 8:

Ajax is hot headed to say the least. Arguments are common, and despite Ajax constantly struggling to keep his cool, he can’t always hold himself back. He will yell and take extreme measures when he gets really heated. A full fight he tries to avoid, but he will refuse to step back.

Jake Fairchild

PNG image

World: Modern Fantasy?

Question 2:

Jake wouldn’t go anywhere, even if he could. Hypothetically he would want to visit Paris, but even if given the opportunity he would beg to stay in camp.

                              ALEXA BOWMAN

Normally, Alexa never leaves her “Aquaphor” behind. She likes keeping her lips glossy because if not, her lips start to break and get dry. She will also always have her phone, of course, to communicate with other people. Another item in Alexa’s pockets is her wallet just in case something pops up and she needs to use it.

Alexa is usually somebody that tries to not let words get to her. If she overhears someone gossip about her, or tell lies about her, she usually tries to ignore them. She has always been a sensitive person but she tries to hide that side of vulnerability from others but, there was one day that she couldn’t hold it back. She posted a picture on social media and people were insulting her, saying things like, “If I looked like you, I would have killed myself by now”, she broke down immediately in the middle of the hallway in school and didn’t care if people saw her crying. Her best friend was beside her trying to comfort her but it just couldn’t help. The type of phrases and words people said just broke her and made her think about people differently. Now, she always saw the bad side of people first even without knowing them because she believes that there is always a bad side of people. That incident has changed Alexa’s behaviour and perceptions towards things and events.



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World: Modern fantasy kind of

Her sister, Anastasia, but the world ‘close’ is relative. Elise tends to hold everyone at a distance, and while this also applies to Anastasia, she is the one who comes closest to understanding how Elise works, since they grew up together. Their home environment was… unique… and only Anastasia can relate to Elise about it. Anastasia has been with Elise for pretty much all her life, and although sometimes she’s similar to a leech, sucking all of the energy out of her, she’s still the one constant person in Elise’s life.

Elise would probably travel far away from the city of Las Levendas, where she lives. If she could, she’d leave everyone and everything she was familiar with behind, and probably move to a city in France, where her family was originally from decades ago. Living in a city where no one knows her or her family would erase a weight off of her shoulders. A fresh start sounds incredibly relaxing to her.

No allergies.

Best would be when her mother introduced her to a potential noble suitor, Kade Wellingstone, and then she ended up getting acquainted with his sister, Kristine, who turned out to be her first girlfriend.

Worst would be when the noble suitor found out about her relationship with Kristin and told her mother, who instead of hurting Elise like she usually did, hurt Kristin. Elise and Kristine were hanging out by the well one day, playing a game, and then Elise heard her name being called in the woods. She investigated, and when she was distracted, her mother pushed Kristine down the well. Kristine’s screams alerted Elise of the danger and she came running back, seeing her mother watching her with an appraising look. Her mother convinced her that Kristine’s family would accuse her of killing their only daughter, so Elise and her family ran away, leaving the Welingstone’s and their estate behind.

Strongest would be when she came out to her sister, Anastasia, and was greeted with nothing but acceptance. They were a lot closer when they were younger, and having Anastasia’s full support when she came out as gay was inspiring to her. It gave her hope and it also told her that even when no else did, Anastasia had her back.

Her raven black hair would be the most prominent, probably because it looks too black to be natural. However, her black hair is completely natural, much to many’s surprise.

Well, technically, Elise is the nickname since her legal name is Drizella. She absolutely hated the name Drizella, so she adopted the name Elise when she was very young. She took it from the Ella in her name and made it her own. Her sister calls her El, but most everyone else calls her Elise.

She is the owner and head practicioner at Rosemary’s Witchcraft Clinic and Miscellaneous.

Elise is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as handling short-range weapons, so she can defend herself pretty well in a fight. She doesn’t look to start fights so she doesn’t often get into fights, and mostly it is the other person who throws the first blow.

Elise likes not speaking a lot more than she likes speaking in most cases, so there isn’t really any one phrase that she likes to say more than others.

Her phone, her keys, and a pocketknife (just in case). She doesn’t keep many things in her pockets unless they have zippers because things can easily fall out. She usually stores stuff in a backpack or purse.

The time she was most vulnerable was with her first girlfriend Kristine, and that vulnerability is what got Kristine killed, so she has taught herself not to show any vulnerabilities anymore. With Kristine, she could tell her almost anything without being judged and they could be together with people and they’ll just dismiss them as friends. When her mother killed Kristine, Elise felt more vulnerable than she ever has.

lolol I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time so here we are


How often does it actually work for her? If she’s unsuccessful, how does she handle that?

What’s the story behind this?

What’s the worst argument he’s been in?


Her what?


WOW! I love this so much.

How did she feel about this before her mother tore them apart?

Hmm… is she based on the ugly step-sisters?

How did she get into the craft and owning her own business?

Glad you finally did! (wink)


Question Twelve:

What animal would suit your character personality the most? Tell me why you think this.

Please make sure you remember to post a hidden image of your character with every question answered, just so I can easily be reminded of the character each time. (wink)

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How did she feel about what? Kristine?

She is an ugly step-sister lmao (not so ugly tho oops)
She’s from the Las Levendas rp which is similar to FTD by using fairytale characters, except it’s them, not their children and they aren’t high schoolers. Also you can add whatever kind of twist you want to their stories.

So basically, Cinderella turned her and Anastasia and their mom into rabbits, then her mom was eaten by another animal, leaving Elise and Anastasia by themselves. Anyway, so Elise got into contact with a witch doctor who turned them back into humans again, but they had to work off the price of the transformation. Turns out Elise had some innate witchcraft skills, so when the witch doctor died, Elise took over her business.



Oh, right, that makes sense.
Oh, yeah, I know what that RP is about. (wink) I thought about joining when it started but it wouldn’t be fair since I’m not really writing right now, sadly.

HAHAHA! I love this. I also love how Cinderella is perfectly either and has a dark side.

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Well the memory is a positive one because of Kristine. Usually, memories about suitors are tainted in some way, whether it be the way the guy acted or the way her mom did. But with this memory, she had Kristine, who she could actually be herself with. Kristine embraced her, while everyone else she knew tried to change her. Elise cared about Kristine very much, but it was starting to blossom into love shortly before she was killed.

Aw, too bad, I think you’d have liked it.

Lmao it took me a while to even start Elise and her sister, and by the time I did, @/AstroPoison (Cinderella’s owner) has already completed her so I just checked the bio and learned that Cinderella stole the wand from her fairy godmother to turn her stepfamily into woodland creatures. At first I was like wha- but then worked with it heh
Yess that’s what I like about the RP. Most of the supposed “good” characters aren’t all that good and the “bad” characters aren’t all that bad anymore

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