Food to eat while reading VS while watching a film

@Foodies, what do you like to eat while reading and what do you like to eat while watching a film? If you even do that?

I personally don’t like to eat while reading, it’s just a distraction, but while watching a film… I always have to eat while watching something or I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Sweets, popcorn, pizza…

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Chocolate and coffee while reading.
A slushy and lollies with a film.

Anything I can find when I’m watching a movie but nothing while reading. Sometimes I get a little snack while reading but that often just makes me take a break and then I continue reading without eating :joy:

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I don’t eat while reading… but if i’m watching a film, most likely i’ll go for ice-cream :joy_cat:


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Umm… snacks. So chips, chocolate, lollies.

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Ever since I read more on my laptop, I started having snacks but only sweet snacks like chocolate. While watching a film, I also eat other snacks or actual meals.

@ScreenSloths @Foodies What do you eat while watching a film? And what do you eat while reading?

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I don’t usually eat while I’m reading, but if I were going to, i’d probably want something that isn’t going to make my hands or my book dirty

Watching movies, I would say either popcorn, chips or chocolate, like m&m’s. Basically anything sweet or salty that I can snack on for the duration of the film.

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Yeah, me neither. I usually just have a drink of some kind.

I only eat while reading if I’m reading an e-book on my laptop or something.
Basically, I like eating salty snacks while watching a movie. If it’s at a movie theatre, nachos. If it’s at home, some type of chips or crackers with hot sauce, salsa, or a dip of some kind.