Food you used to hate but love now?

  • what foods did you hate in the past and like now?
  • when did you start liking them?



I used to hate carrots (when I was a toddler) but now I love them!

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I hated spaghetti bolognese until I was like 7

I hated fish, I couldn’t stand the smell mainly, but now I love salmon at least :woman_shrugging: Besides fish I am and have always been an easy eater :eyes:

I used to hate coriander. From the smell to the taste, now I think it adds so much flavour.

Salads, because I thought they tasted foul and they gave a bad feeling in my mouth, but I actually love them now!

Avocado :eyes:
I used to hate it I liked it only when it was in sushi and I couldn’t feel it much
But now I think it’s rad

I used to not like onions. I do now, but that’s bad because my stomach hates them. My digestive tract is currently recreating WWII.