Forum RPer of the Month: January 2022

We’re going to have the vote on this month’s Forum RPer on the 25/26th of January. The first RPer of this year, so who is it gonna be? You have until then to nominate whoever you want!

A forum RPer of the month is someone who contributes to the RPs in a huge way. This can be by creating in a certain RP/SG, being helpful to new and old RPers, contributing frequently, having amazing character, dramatic writing, etc. Basically, the Forum RPer of the Month is someone who makes our RPer community a better place to be! They will then get an EPIC selection of prizes!

Here’s how things are going to work as usual:


  • You have until the 25/26th day of the month to nominate RPers in the community.
  • Every user gets 1 nomination.
  • You cannot nominate yourself (we can’t stop you voting for yourself later on).
  • All Forum RPers of the Month have to have been here since the start of the month (January 1st) and have posted at least one post on an official RP or SG thread.
  • You can nominate the same person for more than one month in a row. Someone can win the prize more than once! However, you cannot win more than two times in a year.

The Prizes

Yes, I said prizes, there is more than one for you to win. If you win the Forum RPer of the Month award, you get all the prizes below:

  1. A Profile Picture/Character Sheet, from @BlueInferno, of one of your characters in this forum RP section.
  2. Access to the Patrons’ lounge and the Restricted section (only applicable if 18+) for one month.
  3. The epically cool RPer of the Month badge
  4. A post on the ShanniiWrites Instagram page mentioning you, your character(s), and any social media handles you want to be shared.

All prizes can be discussed in more detail through a PM if you win.

Those who have won twice in the past 12 months: (Can’t be nominated yet)

  • @/ethereal
  • @/Kristi
  • @/Cadborosa

We’d appreciate all the nominations we can get so, @RPers, please nominate someone, but check who has been nominated above so there aren’t duplicate nominations!

Good luck,
Caliope (wink)

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I would like to nominate @Caticorn


Can Meeke be nominated?


For this, yes. (wink) Please read each OP 'cause I change/update it every month with who can’t be nominated.

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Then I nominate @meekepeek

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@novella :muscle:t4::triumph:

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I’m going to nominate @bpalmer for their activity lately. (wink)

Okay @RPers, I’ll give ya about half a day to nominate some more, in case you want to appreciate some more RPers?

Then I’ll post the poll.

Only 4 nominees...

@bpalmer nominates @Caticorn
@OhSumana nominates @Meekepeek
@CerealKiller nominates @novella
@CrazyCaliope nominates @bpalmer




I’ll do @BlueInferno in the hope he gets some writing mojo back


I don’t understand??

Uh… sorry, I’m about to go to work and can’t explain now. But I suggest always reading the OP (original post) of a thread to understand what it is about. Please?

I hate…disrespectful

Excuse me? I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or actually calling me disrespectful. But I was trying to help you and now feel a little insulted by your comment.
Also, I’m going to remind you again to please stop going off-topic on threads.

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I nominate @LunaticLeviTheSecond :blush: if I’m not too late


aww thank you it’s an honor knowing you nominated me when there’s so many better options for this … and on my b-day too … thank you :slight_smile:


About that, I didn’t mean to take it like that sorry!

Keep the topic on track!

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Wanna nominate someone too?

didn’t I already? Oh dear I haven’t … let’s see …


I think she deserves praise, don’t you?

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