Forum Social Media Suggestions

Me and the staff have a PM where we discuss ideas for the social media’s the forum has! (YouTube, Twitter and Instagram). Yesterday I made the tag @SocialStar so we could allow users to give their suggestions too.

So that’s what this thread is for, suggesting things for our social media :sunglasses:

I’ll also @Discussions because we can discuss this and also just to be sure you all see the new group tag.

Oh and this is in site feedback because it ties in with promotion of the site and you guys giving feedback.

I’m also going to tease a badge coming for those who help :eyes:


Oh alright, seems interesting. Are there any examples of previous suggestions so there’s a better idea of what’s being looked for for those who wish to help?

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Just things you’d be interested in seeing!

So in the past we had the weekly song thing, then posting contest winners, posting weekly quotes etc etc just anything really.

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@SocialStar do you guys want to suggest anything? All suggestions are helpful, although I can’t guarentee they’ll all be implemented.


Is this for just everyone’s social media or a specific shaniiwrites social media or??

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Well as I said in the OP it’s for the social media the forum has


oki - do not know what the social media the forum has is - so imma just do the ol’ watch and learn lmao

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YouTube, Instagram and Twitter :blush:

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will check those out at some point

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That has them all on and some other stuff too

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Just realised our instagram isn’t on there :thinking: I’ll fix that