Forum user of the month πŸ’ͺ🏽 June 2021

Forum User of the Month: June 2021

Yo I’m back
And it’s that time again to vote for a User of the Month! You can nominate whoever you want below until the vote, which will be around the 28/29th of June.

A forum user of the month is someone who contributes to the forum in a huge way. This can be promoting the forums to help us get new users, contributing frequently, giving out amazing advice, or making very helpful threads – just to name a few things. Basically, the Forum User of the Month is someone who makes the forums a better place to be! They will then get a prize!

Here’s the rules and prizes:


  • You have until the 27th day of the month to nominate members of the community.
  • Every user gets 1 nomination.
  • You cannot nominate yourself (we can’t stop you voting for yourself later on).
  • All Forum users of the Month have to have been here since the start of the month (1st February).
  • You can nominate the same person for more than one month in a row. Someone can win the prize more than once!
  • Heads of Staff (@ShanniiWrites, @CrazyCaliope and @Eleanor_W-15 ) cannot be nominated!

The Prizes

If you win the Forum User of the Month award, you get to choose between two prizes:

  1. A Profile Picture/Character Sheet from @BlueInferno
  2. A review and constructive feedback on your story from one of the @moderators

Choose wisely!

If a non-staff member wins, they will have a whole month with all of the privileges of leader, with none of the responsibilities!

We’d appreciate all the nominations we can get so please nominate different someones!

Good luck, guys, and may the odds be ever in your favour :kissing_heart:


Imma just yeet a nomination on @elixr because yes


@Announcements, please be quick! Sorry that the awards are sooo incredibly late!


Wait, wha-
You mean… they’ll have to ability to edit posts and add tags and stuff?

Wowo thenk Shelly

@astxrism yes



@WolfGamerGirl37, she’s just incredible!


I vote @ethereal


OMG ARE YOU KIDDING?! :sneezing_face:


how come i’ve never seen this beforeeeee

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Can I nominate @MeekePeek?

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Ahw thanks

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Me miss her :cry:

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Stan Effie

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Yeah they get given the ability to but they don’t have to :joy:

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So… what’ll they do with the abilities?