Forum User of the Month: November 2021

So it’s that time again to vote for a User of the Month! You can almost nominate whoever you want below until the vote, which will be around the 29/30th of November.

A forum user of the month is someone who contributes to the forum in a huge way. This can be promoting the forums to help us get new users, contributing frequently, giving out amazing advice, or making very helpful threads – just to name a few things. Basically, the Forum User of the Month is someone who makes the forums a better place to be! They will then get a prize!

Here’s the rules and prizes:


  • You have until the 29/30th day of the month to nominate members of the community.
  • Every user gets 1 nomination.
  • You cannot nominate yourself (we can’t stop you voting for yourself later on).
  • All Forum users of the Month have to have been here since the start of the month (1st November).
  • You can nominate the same person for more than one month in a row. However, a regular user can only win twice over a 12 month period.
  • All @/ForumStaff can be nominated, but each member can only win twice over a 12 month period.

The Prizes

If you win the Forum User of the Month award, you get to choose between two prizes:

  1. A Profile Picture/Character Sheet from @BlueInferno
  2. A review and constructive feedback on your story from one of the @moderators

Choose wisely!

If a non-staff member wins, they will have a whole month with all of the privileges of leader, with none of the responsibilities!

Staff who have won in the past 12 months: (Can’t be voted)

  • @/unsungcheerio
  • @/elixr
  • @/Caticorn
  • @/Meekepeek

User who have won in the past 12 months: (Can win once more)

  • @/CerealKiller
  • @/Divcp
  • @/Duckling
  • @/Acorn06
  • @/Cam
  • @/Tanaka
  • @/Danielle318

We’d appreciate all the nominations we can get so please nominate different someones!

Good luck, guys, and may the odds be ever in your favour (wink)


@Announcements ^^^

I nominate @MichiTheThird :eyes:


I think imma have to do @astxrism :eyes::sparkles:

Ur keeping the forums alive and make those book polls impossible for me :sob::rofl::heartbeat:


:innocent: :innocent: :blue_heart:




Okay @Discussions, I’ll give ya half a day to nominate some more, in case you want to add more nominees?

Then I’ll post the poll.

3 nominees...

@RainbowCat nominates @MichiTheThird
@Tina.G both nominate @astxrism
@Danielle318 nominates @Ebx


I’ve noticed the return of @chococarmela, busy keeping some threads active again, and I just want to let her know she’s awesome.


@WolfGamerGirl37 because it’s amazing you hosting the ss again this year its so much fun!

Also @CrazyCaliope I’ve only won once (or didn’t get the badge) :wink: :shushing_face:


Staff can only win once


I thought that was this one, but when I dubble checked I wasn’t sure anymore haha.

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Wow, thank you! I decided to come back after a long hiatus. I have time for this place. And the staff’s cool too!

The hard work y’all put into this place is not unnoticed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: