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Hi, all! We have lots of lovely events coming up throughout the month! Pub quiz, user of the month, lots of other stuff! So, for my forgetful brain to keep track of it and so you can make sure that you’re online when you wanna be, we’re going to have a calendar!

Feel free to comment if you think that a time is awkward. We’ll have a discussion about it!

How it Works

If you’re planning an event, use the usual “insert date/time” button next to the emoji button in a reply, fill out the details and it should (hopefully) pop up on here!

People who might be doing events?

@minoesje/@lanafrazer – the Episode weekly updates?
@fcukforcookies – Drinking game? Do we still wanna do that? Should I make a separate calendar on there?
@Kanubish – game
@ForumStaff – I’ll discuss some other stuff with you, in the staff chat. We’re also going to have a calendar for you to put any long leaves on so we don’t forget that you told us you’re away
@ChaoticDeluge – I’ll add the pub quiz in


Questions Thread 2019-09-05T12:00:00Z


New Discussion 2019-09-02T07:00:00Z


As per drinking game, we are taking a break, since we played a lot recently xD But I can make announcements)


Awesome! Tag me in the announcements when you’re ready to start again and I’ll add the date and time on here :smiley:


Pub Quiz 2019-09-07T18:00:00Z


Short Story Saturday Prompt 2019-09-07T12:00:00Z


@Karisha.x when would you like to hold your Funny Forumer thing? :smiley: I can add the dates here and make it official!

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Starting next week on Monday at 19:00 pm. Ty. :heart:

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This is great! I love calendars :nerd_face:

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Me too :eyes:

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Ooh what time zone are you in? :grimacing:

Uhhhhh the London time zone that’s BST right? Idk if Google’s right.

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That makes my life easier xD I thought I was gonna have to do time zone conversions

Funny Forumer Vote – Cancelled

Can I cancel it?

If you want to

of course! I might not always be able to do it because school might be getting in the way but I will always try to make time free and luckly we still have @lanafrazer who can post the update :heart:


awesome! Thank you! I’ll add that event to the calendar :heart:

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