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Free Speech on the Forums - Feedback Thread

I made this thread so that we don’t clog up the announcement thread with any issues.

If you have anything you would like to suggest or any complaints you would like to make about the free speech policies on the Forums, please feel free to leave them here!

If it’s super urgent, please @ me (or my deputy, @ChaoticDeluge) in the post so that I can deal with it as soon as I’m online.


Well, I would like suggest something.

I hope you know that I totally support free speech, don’t you? I personally don’t have any problems of hearing opinions that are different than mine.
But when you give people the free speech opportunity, then make sure to put lines on it so things won’t get out of hands, if you know what I mean.
I’ll elaborate and try to explain myself so you understand my point:

Since this place should be positive and drama-free, I think it’d be better if people here will not talk and/or trash others behind their backs. From here, the word “free” on the phrase “free speech” becomes to “hate”. Trashing people behind their back doesn’t make us any different from other people from Episode forums who are known as “toxic”.
And hence, I think that in order to make the place more positive, we should keep things cool when stating our opinions or criticizing others’ actions.
I agree that maybe there are some things happening on Episode forum that cannot be ignored, and I don’t have any problems with people speaking their mind about Episode, but man, isn’t it more than enough to talk about what people do wrong? We want to spread love and positivity here, not the opposite.

And just saying in general - make sure that people here don’t say about others anything that is definitely a hate speech (by calling them the N-word, for instance).

I honestly don’t wish to see people pointing out this place and saying “here! That’s ShanniiWrites forums’ real face. There’s a lot of toxicity, people there are only shading others too much”, or other bad things.
Believe it or not, I don’t wish it to happen. And that’s why I’m saying all of this.
After all, you are the one who said that we members are responsible to make the forum a good place too, aren’t you?
So as a member of this forum, I’m saying, let’s stop trashing people and talking about how wrong they are, and instead, let’s engage in making this place better. I know that we can do much better. We should not low ourselves to others’ level. We shouldn’t waste our time talking about people who don’t interest us at all.

So please you take what I’m saying into consideration with understanding.

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Haha most of those things are against the rules: hate speech, bullying etc.

But I will always defend our right to talk about stories and people’s actions!


Please do so :grinning:.

Note: when letting people talk about people’s actions, make sure that people avoid naming specific people.


Hmmm… I was toying with that idea. I’ll discuss with the other staff members. I just feel like it might give people the “safety” to name call


I mean, you can never know what it might cause.
If someone here names specific people, saying that they did… and then someone who’s a friend of the named people tells them. It could create a big argument on the other forum, if not here.

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I’m really reluctant to restrict people’s rights because it will cause arguments, is my only problem. I feel like we can go about it the right way – even if we do name names – and it’s just our personal responsibility to make sure we’re mature enough to


I totally get you. But I’m not saying here “don’t let people criticize ideas and/or actions”. No.

(Here (below) I’m talking with you about criticizing people’s actions)

However, when it becomes too much and someone says something completely inappropriate about someone, then it can really cause to fights.

As I said:

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I despise the term “hate speech”.
I think everyone should be able to express their opinions, whatever they are and regardless of the opinion of the majority.

The only thing I’m against here is targeting some certain user/-s.

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For me, I don’t want bigots expressing themselves on here. I put a lot of time, money and effort to make this place and I don’t think I owe them a platform. Especially one that I own!

I feel like if we didn’t ban hate speech, we’d have Nazis dropping the n-word and calling groups of people nasty names.

In my opinion, if you aren’t bigoted, you’re going to be able to express yourself and disagree with someone or even people’s religious beliefs without going to stereotypes and abuse. And that’s fine! We’re always free to criticise. I’m just not going to accept slurs or derogatory words or anything like that



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I’m opening this because we have many new people who might want to express their ideas, especially in light of the new rules

You forgot to un-archive this :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Silly me xD

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Does anyone have any feedback on the policies about free speech on the forums?

Okay @Discussions I’m giving this a final bump, this is me being transparent since this is a feedback thread, I want you all to give feedback if you want it.

However, if nobody does and this gets closed I’d like to reitorate that the staff DMs are always open and you can always make your own threads in the feedback section.