GAME: Flicker (Going to put new roles time by time.)

Hey guys, so I don’t know if you guys know this game but its called Flicker (its actually a Roblox game) and I decided to share this game on this forum! And I got inspired by
@Annasilveroriginal 's thread. And time to time I’m going to add roles

Anna's thread

GAME: MAFIA (modified for the forums)

How it work

Each night, you may be challenged to interrogate suspects, tell fates, protect others, point fingers, help the killer evade capture… or be the killer everyone is searching for.

here the roles

  • Muffin Man - Delivers a muffin each night. Cosmetic role. His goal is to win with the survivors

  • Twins - If one twin is killed or protected, the effects will show for the other twin also. Twins know who their twin is. If they’re both innocent, their goal is to win with the survivors, but if one is the bad guy they would need to win as the bad guys even though the other twin is innocent.

  • Innocent - Can only vote for other people at day. Nothing special about them. His goal is to win with the other survivors.

  • Snitch - To help the murderer win the game. His goal is to win with the bad guys except the betrayer.

  • Half role - You can now have 2 roles with this role (ex: medic & psychic, twin & medic). His goal is really different. Example: If the 2 roles she/he gets are twins and murderer (or any bad guys) the innocent twin would need to win with the murderer.

  • Betrayer - Is the ‘friend’ of the snitch (or pretends to be the snitch) & the murderer but he/she can secretly gang up on the bad guys and try to win alone, but he/she still will try to kill the innocents. His role is to win alone.

  • [DETECTIVE] The detective is replacing the current investigator. The detective will be given 2 or 3 clues each night that helps them figure out who is on the GOOD or EVIL team. The detective should try to find other members on their team and communicate with them so they can eliminate the evil team in voting. The detective is the leader of the GOOD TEAM.

  • [MURDERER] The murderer now has one more advantage; they will not know who the “assassin” is (if there is one in the round), but the assassin knows who the murderer is and can communicate with them to try and eliminate the good team!

  • [PSYCHIC] The psychic’s results will now say “good” or “evil.” The psychic is on the good team.

  • [SPY] Spy is a new role coming in this update! The spy can “bug” someone each time the lights go out. When the lights turn back on, the spy will have a report that tells them every person that visited the person you bugged! The spy is on the good team.

  • [SAVIOR] The savior is a new role coming in this update! The savior can revive ONE person ONE time the entire night. The savior is part of the good team and should try to revive someone from the good team to help them win.

  • [MEDIC] The medic can now protect themselves once per game! The medic is still on the good team.

  • [ASSASSIN] The assassin is a new role coming to flicker! The assassin can kill ONCE per game and the medic can NOT save their victim! They’re deadly! The assassin also knows the identity of the murderer. A round with a murderer AND an assassin is a challenge! The assassin is part of the evil team.

  • [DARK PSYCHIC] The dark psychic functions just like the psychic, but their goal is to help the “evil” team win by eliminating all of the good team! Each night, they select a player. They will find out if that player is part of the “good” or “evil” team. With this information, the dark psychic should help the murderer!

  • [SCOUT] The scout functions like the spy and is a new role coming in the update. The scout can “bug” someone each time the lights go out. When the lights turn back on, the scout will have a report that tells them every person that visited the person you bugged! The scout is on the evil team and should help the murderer eliminate everyone on the good team.

  • [WITCH] The witch is a new role coming in the update and is part of the evil team. The witch is SUPER powerful and can BLOCK someone’s power for the night! The witch will chose a player, and that player will not be able to use their ability. This power is ineffective against the murderer.

  • [CLOWN] The clown is on the neutral team! For the clown to win, you must get *voted * (not killed) out by everyone. When you are voted out, you can kill someone and bring them with you!

Flicker version of Roblox

And also if this round doesn’t start today, it is going to start tomorrow.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


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If you guys vote correctly, the snitch wouldn’t be revealed unless the last players are the twins. But if the last player is the only one alive the snitch would be revealed. Also the snitch would become the new murderer due to catching his/her friend/ old murderer if theres still a majority of players.



We starting now?





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@SkyWalker , @Duckling, @LoneWolf, @Annasilveroriginal, @Aesthetic_epyy, @Danielle318 & @Nessie was at a slumber party. But what they doesn’t know is that a murderer & a snitch is there too! Everything was going great until the generator went off… It’s time for the murderer to play…


I don’t get how this is supposed to go. I get what each person does, but like…